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Edirne is a city in northwest Turkey, close to the borders of Greece and Bulgaria, and has a population of about 150,000.

Known for its rich historical and cultural heritage with many historical landmarks and monuments, Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire before Istanbul. Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is among the important structures in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Edirne is a popular location for gastronomic tourism as well as historical and cultural attractions. City; It has many local dishes that include lamb, veal and vegetables.

Edirne car rental service is the most convenient and reliable way to explore the local bazaars and markets with many shops selling textiles, jewelery and other handmade products. Edirne car rental service makes your travel plan more flexible and you can easily go anywhere you want. You can also get rid of the limitations and crowds of public transport with Edirne rental car service.

Rental car offers a comfortable travel experience and gives you the chance to go to places you haven't explored before. Also, car rental options are generally affordable and can be particularly economical for those traveling in groups. Edirne car rental gives you easy access to many attractions in and around Edirne, so you can have extra time to explore your favorite places.

Reliable Edirne Car Rental Companies are at RentiCar!

Edirne car rental will be a suitable option for your travels or needs. It is important to choose a reliable Edirne car rental company in order to maximize your travel pleasure and avoid bad surprises. RentiCar carefully prefers many business partner companies from all over Turkey.

RentiCar's Edirne rental car service is designed to offer you a comfortable and safe travel experience. That's why we're constantly working to make sure that the people in our business partners are reliable people who share your values and work to the highest standards.

We take the following steps to ensure the safety of our business partners:

Comprehensive background checks

We conduct extensive background checks to ensure that our partners comply with all legal regulations.


The vehicles of our business partners are protected by comprehensive insurance policies. So, in case of any accident or damage, you can be sure that your rights will be protected.

Customer Feedback

Our customers' feedback on the service quality, reliability and professionalism of our partner offices is important to us. We closely monitor customer feedback and make improvements when necessary to increase customer satisfaction.

You can enjoy comfortable and safe Edirne rental car service by picking up your car from our reliable and professional offices.

Places to Visit and See in Edirne

Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, contains many historical and cultural beauties. When you go to Edirne, some of the locations you can visit by renting a car in Edirne can be listed as follows:

Selimiye Mosque

Located in the center of Edirne, Selimiye Mosque was built by Mimar Sinan in the 16th century. The mosque has a large dome, four minarets and an eye-catching architecture. It also draws attention with the examples of Ottoman art and decorations it contains.

Edirne Palace

Located in the center of Edirne, the palace is one of the most important palaces of the Ottoman Empire. After the castle gate at the entrance, the inner courtyard is entered and the buildings in the courtyard are visited. Inside the palace; Archeology and Ethnography Museum, Turkish-Islamic Artifacts Museum and Selimiye Mosque Artifacts Museum.

Three Honorable Mosque

Located in the center of Edirne, the mosque was built during the Ottoman Empire Period. It attracts attention with its 3 minarets and large dome. In addition, the Ottoman decorations inside are quite impressive.

Old mosque

Located in the center of Edirne, the mosque was built in the 14th century. The minaret in the northwest corner and the mihrab inside the mosque are quite remarkable.

Balkan Wars Martyrs' Monument

The monument, located in the south of Edirne, was built to commemorate our soldiers who were martyred in the Balkan Wars. The parks and gardens around the monument are quite beautiful and are also in a good spot for panoramic views of the city. You can comfortably reach the Balkan Wars Martyrs' Monument with Edirne car rental service.

Justice Pavilion

Located in the center of Edirne, the pavilion is a place where judges and judges resided during the Ottoman Period. Today, it serves as a museum and various Ottoman period artifacts are exhibited in it.

Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling

These wrestlings, which are held in Edirne every year in July, are an important part of Turkish culture.

Rental Period

If you have already determined the rental process, do not wait to make your reservation. Booking in advance will be more affordable. Also, keep in mind that the longer the rental period, the more affordable the daily rental fee.

Rental Terms

Before renting, read the rental terms carefully and make sure you understand them clearly. Check all the conditions, fees and important information such as insurance policy mentioned in the terms. Make sure you meet the driver's license and age requirement.

Delivery of rental vehicle

When receiving the rental vehicle, check the condition of the vehicle and report any damage or deficiency to the rental office. While delivering the rental vehicle, check the vehicle and make sure that there is no problem.

Considering these issues to be considered, you can make your Edirne rent a car journey safer and hassle-free.

How is RentiCar Car Rental Made?

You have 2 different options to create a reservation from RentiCar.

Reservation over the phone

By calling RentiCar Communication Center, you can create your reservation with staff support.

Via website

If you wish, you can create your reservation with a few clicks on the official website of RentiCar. You can follow the steps below to create a reservation through the website.

·      Enter information such as the date, rental and return location of the vehicle you want to rent.

·       Vehicles available at the location and date you selected will be listed for you.

·      Examine the details of the vehicle you want to rent, such as the brand, model and rental fee. If you wish, you can filter the vehicles according to your needs and wishes by using the filtering feature of RentiCar in this section.

·      Examine the insurance and additional services offered by RentiCar and choose the ones you need.

·      Check the age and driving license conditions determined by the company you will rent and prepare the necessary documents.

·      Read the rental terms.

·       After the rental process is completed, the necessary information will be sent to you by RentiCar via e-mail and SMS.

·      You can pick up the vehicle from the specified place on the day of the rental.

·      If you have any questions or needs regarding the vehicle during the rental period, contact the Contact Center.

The procedures and requirements of the rental companies may differ, so it is recommended to carefully examine the conditions before Edirne rent a car service.

Edirne Car Rental Prices

Edirne car rental prices vary according to many factors. These factors can be explained as follows:

Vehicle type and brand

The features of the vehicle you will choose for Edirne car rental service are one of the factors that affect the pricing the most. Whichever vehicle you choose, RentiCar will provide maximum price performance.

Rental period

The longer the rental period, the lower the daily rental price.

Rental place

The popularity of the location to be rented is also one of the factors affecting the pricing. Car rental fees will be higher in busy areas such as city centers and tourist destinations.


Edirne car rental prices may vary according to the season and holiday periods. Prices may be higher, especially in summer.

Insurance and other extras

During your Edirne car rental service, many additional services are offered according to your needs. Additional services are reflected in the rental price as an extra.

Advance reservation

Booking a rental in advance can ensure you get affordable rentals.

These are some of the main factors that affect Edirne car rental prices. You can find the best price by comparing different options offered by rental companies and by using RentiCar's filtering feature.

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