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Izmir Selcuk

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Selçuk is one of the districts of Izmir province. Izmir center is 76 km away. Selçuk is a tourist district with exceptional wealth and beauty in terms of history and nature. Menderes and Torbalı in the north, Aydin Kusadasi and Soke districts in the south, Aydin Germencik in the east, and the Aegean Sea to the west. RentiCar offers daily, monthly, weekly car rental options with Izmir Selçuk car rental options to suit the needs of its customers. For a comfortable trip to Selcuk, you can easily rent any car from RentiCar car rental service and enjoy your journey.

What are the Places to Visit in Izmir Selcuk?

Selçuk has a great tourism potential in terms of historical, natural and values it has. The House of the Virgin Mary, declared as a place of pilgrimage in the realm of Christianity, is located in Seljuk.

Let's look together at other places in the province of Selcuk, which have a lot more:

Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus is listed on the World Heritage List. Ephesus was inhabited during the Hellenistic, Roman, Eastern Roman, Principalities and Ottoman periods since prehistoric times and was a very important port city, as well as a cultural and commercial center.

The long-established history of the region is of interest to researchers from all over the world. Ephesus, which is said to have been founded by all-female Amazon Warriors, is believed to have been featured in Amazon legends by different names.

Seven Sleeps

In Roman times, there are two churches and many tombs in this cave where 7 Christian teenagers who escaped the persecution of pagans escaped and hid. It is included in the Bible 'Surah of Kahf. ' Although the validity of it is not clear, it is believed that there is a rumored. Those who want to see this place can visit the Seven Sleepers by using RentiCar car rental service.

Selcuk Castle

The inner fortress, which is at the highest point of the hill, is located above the first inhabited area of Ephesus, according to research. It is a structure dating from the Byzantine period. And it is of great importance in the cultural sense.

Ephesus Coast

The Ephesus coast, which is one of the longest beaches of Turkey, is 11 km long. With three blue flags, this beach is a suitable place for water sports and camping. The beach is sandy and the water is clean.

Izmir Selçuk Car Rental Options

The distance between Izmir to Selcuk is 76 km. For those who want to visit Selçuk, a district of Izmir, you can rent a car from RentiCar, which serves at the airport and in the districts of Izmir, and plan your holiday without sacrificing your comfort. RentiCar continues to offer you the best possibilities in order to make a safe trip on your journey to see the historical fabric of Selcuk.

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