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Izmir Urla Rent a Car

Urla district of Izmir has a lot of places to attract the interest of history and nature enthusiasts. With its historical texture, art smelling streets, ancient cities and immaculate sea worth visiting, it is influxed by both domestic and foreign visitors. On the other hand, the natural beauties that must be seen in Urla are so much that the trip is not over. Car rental in İzmir Urla is among the areas of interest. RentiCar offers high quality service to its customers with its large fleet of vehicles and advantageous prices.

Places to Visit in İzmir Urla

The property boasts location within 35 km from the city center. There are Guzelbahçe and Seferihisar in the east of the district, Cesme to the west, Karaburun and Aegean Sea in the northwest, the Gulf of Izmir in the north and the Aegean Sea to the south.

If you have planned a holiday in Urla, we have listed the places you will visit and see: Gülbahçe Ilıca, Art Street, Demircili Bay, Güvendik Hill, Malgaca Icmeler, Quarantine Island, Urla Vineyard Road and İskender Bay are located.

Art Street

It is located on the left 50 meters after turning right from the square in the center of Urla. The old Urla houses and many recently restored homes also add a different spirit to the street. There are shops on both sides of the street. Shops where handicrafts are at the forefront are attracting intense attention. In addition to these, tiny restaurants that make home cooking are among the places that attract visitors.

Gülbahçe Ilica

There is no exact information about when this stone spa, built almost into the sea, was built. The structure used as the Roman Bath is also a source of healing for many ailments.

Urla Vineyard Road

Urla Vineyard Road is at the forefront among the most important points of Turkey in terms of viticulture and wine production. Urla ranks third in the world in the production of grapes. Anatolian wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Bogazkere, Sultana are indispensable flavors of this region.

What Are the Car Rental Options in İzmir Urla?

Urla has managed to become a popular tourist area, especially in recent years. It takes 30-35 minutes to get to Urla, which is located on average 30-35 km from the city center of Izmir. Car rental in İzmir Urla is among the counties where the need is seen most. Both for day trips and for those who want to stay for a long time, RentiCar is always with its customers. Come to RentiCar, the address of comfort, do not postpone your trips.

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