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Mugla is one of the most interesting cities in Turkey in terms of holiday. Each resort of Mugla is beautiful and worth a visit. One of these places is Fethiye. There are areas in Fethiye that are unexplored and discovered, attracted to tourists and fascinate with their scenery. Muğla is one of the most pleasant places in Fethiye, Gocek is also in these places. Renting a car in this region you can experience a holiday you will not forget. RentiCar provides the best quality service in the best conditions with its car rental options in Muğla Fethiye Gocek.

Muğla Fethiye Gocek Attractions

Gocek, which is a cozy neighborhood connected to Mugla Fethiye, is one of the most pleasant holiday addresses with its wonderful bays and sea views. Gocek used to be a quiet and quiet village, it was discovered over time and became the first stop for holidaymakers. Nevertheless, it is a peaceful holiday and one for free from all the stress of the city. You can spend hours in the gorgeous bays of Gocek and make a pleasant Gocek tour. Turgut Özal Street is the most vibrant place in Gocek Center. You can walk along this street, stroll through its shops, and taste delicious dishes in their restaurant. Do not forget to enjoy coffee in their cafes decorated with colorful flowers. Let's tell you about a place that will make you feel like you're in heaven: Cleopatra Hammam Bay. This is one of the attractions in Gocek with its olive trees, the color and view of the sea, with a sunken historical bath built in the Ancient Lycia Period, the ruins of this bath and the ruins of the Byzantine Monastery. The unique beauty of Gocek bays and beaches are each beautiful from each other. For this reason, try to go to all of these places as much as possible. Sarıgerme Beach, İnlice Beach, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Hornuzbükü Bay, Sarsala Bay are the most interesting among them.

Mugla Fethiye Gocek Car Rental Options

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