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Diyarbakır has undergone developments throughout history under the rule of the Romans, Byzantium, and then the Ottoman Empire. This beautiful city, where life lasts for nine thousand years, is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Since it has been exposed to different sovereignties throughout history, it smells a lot of history with its historical walls and architectural structures. At the same time, the warm person and the culinary culture of the Southeast are the elements that visitors like. To see these impressive cultural structures, every year many guests take advantage of the car rental points of Diyarbakır Airport to tour the city. Renting a car in Diyarbakır is also one of the most sensible solutions to travel efficiently to Diyarbakir. This way you don't have to deal with public transport routes that you don't know about. Being able to make your trip to Diyarbakır without being lost will also help you to better assess your energy throughout your trip.

Reliable Diyarbakır Car Rental Companies with RentiCar

Diyarbakır, which continues to attract many visitors, welcomes thousands of people starting from the airport. That is why Diyarbakır Airport is considered one of the busiest airports. Renting a car in such places where there is a high concentration of people can also become a difficult state. Car rental is also a very preferred transportation type in our city of Diyarbakır, so long queues can occur in car rental companies.

Thanks to Renticar's wide range of business partners spread across Turkey, renting a car in Diyarbakır becomes very easy for everyone. A booking information form will be sent to you after your reservation, which you can easily create from Rentimar's website. With this form, you can pick up the vehicle you request to rent in the fastest way thanks to the convenience of contracted companies.

Places to Visit and See in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakır is one of the most modern cities in Anatolia and has gained the name of “Paris of the East”. But it is also home to important gems with its history as well as its sophistication.

Diyarbakır Walls

Diyarbakır Wall is ranked first in the world in terms of size and height and second in the world with its length. The view from the walls will be one of the special moments that will not be forgotten. Diyarbakır Walls, whose construction is thought to date back to B.C., with its image resembling shield fish from above, has a beautiful history that will saturate history enthusiasts.

Malabadi Bridge

This bridge, considered the largest stone arched bridge in the world, is one of the places worth visiting with the smell of history. Those who want to see another bridge can consider visiting Ten Eyes Bridge, one of the glorious bridges of Diyarbakir. The Ten-Eyed Bridge extends over the Tigris River and captivates everyone who comes with its views.

Diyarbakır remains at a point where Middle Eastern, Anatolian, Arab, Armenian, Russian, and Mediterranean cultures coexist. This multiplicity of culture is also reflected in the culinary culture of Diyarbakir and brings out exquisite recipes. In culinary culture, where meat and juicy dishes are at the forefront, they are mostly low in fat, and therefore tourists can discover new delicacies without disturbing their stomachs. Among the most popular dishes are the Meftune dish prepared with Neptune meat, the Pilaf dish obtained by mixing bulgur and spices prepared with tomato paste and yogurt, and the Rice dish with the veil, which is created by mixing rice dumplings and potatoes. Diyarbakir cuisine, which has envaiequal recipes, contains tastes that must be tried by everyone who goes not counted individually. You can start your Diyarbakır trip from the city center by taking advantage of Diyarbakır rental car points.

Car rental in Diyarbakır is very advantageous with RentiCar! 

Car rental in Diyarbakır, as in any region of Turkey, requires a quality service. RentiCar, on the other hand, works to provide a beautiful Diyarbakır rental car experience thanks to the importance it attaches to the experiences of its customers. That is why those who prefer Renticar among the companies that offer rental car services in Diyarbakır do not deal with hidden fees.

With Renticar's transparent procedural policy, the fee you pay is obvious from the beginning. You won't be surprised by the surprise fees that may arise after your rental. With thousands of vehicle models and brands, everyone can find a vehicle that suits their needs in Renticar. You can easily create a reservation from the website and all processes are minimized so that you can pick up your vehicle in the fastest way. Renticar's campaigns, promo codes, and installment facilities for up to 12 months of renting a car in Diyarbakır are suitable for everyone's pocket.

What Should You Consider When Renting a Car in Diyarbakır? 

When renting a car in Diyarbakır, you may first need to research a vehicle that suits your budget and needs. Diyarbakır car rental prices vary according to details such as the segment, model, and brand of the vehicle you choose, and fuel type. Therefore, it cannot be evaluated at a fixed price.

At the same time, it is important to determine your car rental period when renting a car in Diyarbakır so that it does not push your budget. There are various types of car rentals, both long-term and short-term. You can make daily rentals of less than 30 days, and monthly rentals for 30 days and above. Your wish to extend your car rental process is approved according to the suitability of your car rental company. Rental times affect car rental prices in Diyarbakır, but long-term rentals can be more advantageous.

Situations such as the supply status of the vehicle you requested or when your rental time coincides with weekends or official holidays are also reflected in the prices. Apart from these considerations, you should also read the contract offered by your Diyarbakır rental car company carefully. The steps to be taken in the case of problems that may occur during the rental period are taken according to the terms of the contract you signed. Car rental companies are also increasing because car rental is in high demand in our city of Diyarbakır. In order not to experience car rental experiences in Diyarbakır, places that offer quality service should be preferred. With Renticar's customer-oriented service, your car rental in Diyarbakır can be much easier and more budget-friendly.

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