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Mardin is a city located in Southeastern Anatolia Region with its unique food culture and natural beauty. Thousands of visitors come from both domestic and international routes to explore Mardin.

More often, these guests who come using the air route prefer Mardin Airport car rental points in order to get around Mardin in a comfortable way. It offers fast solutions for renting a car, traveling Mardin to the delight and being able to travel without worrying about the distances between must-see places.

Most Reliable Car Rental in Mardin Car Rental

Mardin rent a car companies are in high demand in order to fulfill the historical spirit of Mardin. The car rental sector is an expanding sector in our country, but the large number of companies that can be preferred can cause trust problems in customers. When renting a car in Mardin, it is the right of every customer to get a quality service.

RentiCar works to provide an impeccable Mardin car rental experience with customer-oriented services. Thanks to RentiCar's contracted companies spread throughout Turkey, you will instantly find quality and reliable solutions to your Mardin rental car problems.

RentiCar's wide range of partners facilitates car rental operations, while the presence of thousands of vehicles for every need is among its services that make customers smile. Whatever your reason for arriving in Mardin, you can find a vehicle that suits both your budget and your taste in RentiCar. Whether you want to choose when renting a sedan or SUV or Mardin car, you can easily find it on RentiCar's website.

Using the filtering option on RentiCar's website, you can filter the vehicle properties you want and make finding the right vehicle for you much faster. You can also call RentiCar's Contact Center and send any questions and wishes you may have about Mardin car rental.

Places to Visit and See in Mardin

Mardin is a multicultural city where people of different religions and religions live together. Having this cultural texture allowed Mardin to be called the City of Civilizations. One of the first settlements in the world, the Mesopotamian Civilization was founded on the territory of Mardin.

It has been the target of many different civilizations throughout history with both its fertile lands and its strategically important location. Mardin, which has a unique historical spirit, has many beautiful places to visit and see.

Ancient City of Dara

This ancient city is now estimated to have been founded by the Persians in the 3rd century B.C., although it is still not known for sure. Among the remains found are fortifications, tombs, bridges and cisterns. The Ancient City of Dara is called Ephesus of Mesopotamia.

Purple Hananyo Monastery

Mardin is located 20 minutes from the center and there is no possibility to get there by public transport. It is among the preferences of visitors to make car rental in Mardin for a comfortable transportation. It contains 52 tombs of patriarchs, and the fact that the patriarchs are seated and buried is one of the interesting aspects of the monastery.


Due to the fact that it is fresh water, Mardin meets the water needs of all its districts. Being one of the rare streams flowing with the same intensity every day of the year in the wasteland allows Beyazsu to be seen as a symbol of fertilizing. By renting a car in Mardin, it will be enough to follow Beyazsu signs on the 25th kilometer on the way to Nusaybin.

Revaklı Bazaar

Inside this bazaar with an authentic vibe, there are several fine memories written by the guests and the people of Mardin. You, too, can immortalize this space by leaving your own memories. Revak is the name given to the arched structure above the bazaar.

Mardin Museum

There are archaeological artifacts that show the cultural and historical features of the region. These works, which date from the Bronze Age to the Ottoman Period, will be fascinating for those who do not want to complete their journey without visiting the museum.

Mardin's madrasas, museums, monasteries and fortresses are not too numerous to say one by one. These unique historical places, which should not be returned without visiting, taste the best Mardin car rental. Thus, you can continue your trip comfortably and quickly without thinking about the distance between regions.

How to Rental a Car in Mardin?

Car rental is also a popular type of transport in Mardin. You may need to do a vehicle survey before starting your car rental transaction. This will allow you both to find the vehicle that suits your needs and choose a reliable Mardin rent a car company.

You can use the filtering option on RentiCar's website to make your vehicle research faster. You can filter the vehicle's fuel type, gear type, vehicle segment, model, brand and many more features of the vehicle you want to choose to reveal the most suitable vehicle for you. Once you find the most suitable rental car for you, you can create your reservation by calling RentiCar's website or Contact Center.

If you want to make your reservation via the website, you can select the vehicle specifications you want by entering the date and location information and make your reservation in a few steps. You can also request a price and car quote by email at [email protected].

The Booking Information Form will be sent to you after your reservation for car rental in Mardin. This form is a document that you must have with you at the pickup stage of your vehicle. Once the requested vehicle is selected, the driver's name, surname, phone and e-mail information such as the driver's name is taken and proceed to the payment step. After confirmation of the calculated car rental fee, collection is made via credit card or debit card.

When you move to the vehicle pickup stage, the driver must necessarily have his ID, driver's license and the Booking Certificate forwarded to the side. The deposit amount of the vehicle is paid at the pickup stage, so the driver's credit card must necessarily be with the driver. After these steps, Mardin has completed your rental car transactions and you can start your trip without cutting speed.

When renting a car in Mardin, you can make short term or long term rentals. Daily rentals of less than 30 days and monthly rentals of 30 days and above can be made. When you arrive at the end of your rental period, which will be best suited to you, you must leave your rental vehicle to the place you have determined to deliver, and all the documents and items received during the delivery of the vehicle, such as license, key and delivery form.

Mardin Car Rental Prices in Renticar with Affordable Options!

Mardin car rental prices may vary depending on the characteristics of the vehicle you want to choose. Because every Mardin rent a car company has its own procedures and pricing, it cannot be evaluated at a fixed price.

It also affects Mardin car rental prices in additional services such as additional driver or navigation that you may want next to your Mardin car rental service. With up to 12 month installment opportunities and campaigns offered by RentiCar, you can make your car rental much more affordable.

Payments through installments will not shake your budget, as they will not cause the outflow of a loaded amount of money. RentiCar accompanies your good memories in Mardin with car rental options that will be friendly to both you and your pocket. This quality service that feels privileged makes customers laugh.

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