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Especially in the last few years, vehicle prices have risen to very high levels and the possibility of buying a vehicle in proportion to earnings has decreased, which naturally increases the demand for car rental. However, long-term car rental is one of the most popular services of the last period compared to daily, weekly or monthly car rental. Because this way, you can benefit from many advantages and feel like a car owner without buying a car. So what is annual car rental with many advantages? What are the advantages of long-term car rental? Everything you wonder about this rental model, which is very popular in big cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskişehir, Kocaeli, Istanbul , is on this page! Remove the question marks in your mind about long term car rental and enjoy long term car rental with RentiCar.

Corporate and Individual Long Term Car Rental Advantages

You may need a car for situations such as running errands, going on vacation, or being in a period when you need to drive, but unfortunately, buying a car is a very costly and lengthy process. Factors such as the cost of loan repayments can also keep people away from buying a car. In such cases, it makes sense to choose a long-term rental car. Long-term car rental options, especially in big cities, are extremely attractive for those who want to buy a car. Because it is extremely difficult to live in a big city without using a car and running around for some work. Therefore, the demand for long-term car rental service is quite high. So, what are the advantages of renting a car for a year? The prices you have to pay when buying a car do not exist in long-term car rental service. You can own a long-term vehicle at a much more affordable price.
You do not have to take out a loan for an annual rental car or you can rent a car with much more affordable loans. You do not have to pay exorbitant levels of interest. In cases such as maintenance and repair during the rental period, you can benefit from the services and advantages offered by the rental company, so you do not have to deal with additional costs. Fees such as insurance and taxes are included in the rental price and you do not have to deal with them. RentiCar takes care of all the costs that may arise from the use of the vehicle for you.
With 6-month car rental or annual car rental, you can get 24/7 roadside assistance support and find answers to your questions with RentiCar's professional team. Since the rental fee is invoiced, you can get the chance to show it as an expense. All of the above advantages are at the forefront of the annual car rental service. Thanks to these advantages, you can stay away from the responsibilities of driving a car and just experience the experience of driving.

Annual Car Rental Opportunities with RentiCar

As RentiCar, we bring you car rental opportunities with our experienced team, wide service network, rich vehicle range, professional business partners and more. With its wide service point, RentiCar is one of the first addresses in long-term car rental service. So, what opportunities does RentiCar offer you at the annual car rental point?

  • From 12 months to 36 months annual car rental opportunity,
  • Corporate long-term car rental service thanks to its rich vehicle range,
  • The fastest and most reliable long term car rental without the need for traditional procedures, away from office visits,
  • Renting according to a wide choice of makes, models and fuel types,
  • Safe rental with maintenance and repair support throughout the rental period,
  • Effortless renting without dealing with paperwork such as tax and insurance payments,
  • Long-term car rental at more affordable prices with campaigns organized in certain periods.

All these opportunities and much more are waiting for you with RentiCar. You can also benefit from an affordable rental experience with RentiCar, which offers an extremely advantageous car rental service with its corporate solutions and special opportunities for companies.

Things to Consider When Renting a Long Term Car

Short-term car rental services are a savior solution for instant needs. However, car rental service may not always be necessary for the short term. In this case, the long-term car rental option comes to the fore. Because in this way, you can rent a new car for a long term and get a more advantageous price experience than buying a car. Of course, it is very important not to make a mistake as long-term car rental will be realized. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing the long-term car rental option?
You should make sure that the company you will rent a car from is reliable. Since RentiCar offers you professional solutions in this regard, you can safely choose it for long-term car rental. Your rental purpose is very important. Because you need to choose between passenger or commercial vehicle types accordingly. Then you can choose the fuel type. While doing this, you can make your decision according to whether you use the vehicle in the city or outside the city.
It will be much more advantageous for you to choose gasoline in the city and diesel between cities. After determining your vehicle model, you will have completed the most important steps. Since the interior, trunk width and other features of each model are different, you should make a choice that will meet your needs. Because once you rent, you will not have the chance to change. At the contract stage, you should read the contract completely and examine the terms thoroughly. After paying attention to all these steps, you can get a trouble-free long-term car rental service.

Long Term and Annual Car Rental Prices

RentiCar is the right choice for your long-term rental needs! Hurry up to benefit from advantageous annual car rental rates. Also keep in mind that the following factors affect the prices when renting:

  • Rental period,
  • Brand of the vehicle,
  • Model of the vehicle,
  • Whether new or second-hand, age,
  • Details included in the service,
  • Additional requests

Since all these factors affect long-term car rental prices, making a comparison between the same features and services while comparing rental prices will help you make a much more accurate choice.

Long-term car rental, which is the most popular opportunity of the last period for those who need to drive but cannot afford to buy a new or used car, is very valuable for an affordable rental experience. Because this way, you will be able to get a long-term rental opportunity, perhaps without the need to use credit. In addition, RentiCar takes care of all the paperwork during the long term car rental period and does not bother you with any paperwork. Hurry up and book your long term car rental with RentiCar to enjoy long term car rental and not to miss out on the opportunities!

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