About Us
About Us

RentiCar As the RentiCar family, we started our activities with the aim of bringing an innovative and visionary approach to the sector with a strong team that has many years of experience in the car rental and automotive sectors.

We aim to increase our services from the first day as a brand that brings a brand new vision and service understanding to the car rental industry, which offers users a unique and extraordinary experience. While achieving our goal, we promise our customers 'freedom' in every sense and at every stage.

Based on this vision, we go beyond classical preferences regarding rental cars and ensure that unique and extraordinary needs are also accessible. Furthermore, we provide types of vehicles in all segments and categories, ready to rent in the most convenient, fastest, and most practical way.

We are working to ensure that not only the loyal consumers of the sector, but also those who have never rented a car before become a part of this market.

With this claim:

  • Turkey's most preferred,

  • Known for firsts and innovations,

  • Promising freedom,

  • Provides the best service and support from the first moment of the car rental service to the last,

  • That maximizes the happiness of not only its customers but also its suppliers.,

  • Creating benefits for all actors of the market,

  • Not only locally but also globally, making its name known to people,

  • We are moving forward to be remembered as a young, energetic, visionary, and proactive brand.

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