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Located in Central Anatolia Region of our country, Konya has been home to many civilizations for centuries with its extremely well-established history. As one of the oldest settlements of Turkey, Çatalhöyük, which is one of Turkey's most important cultural heritage sites, is also located within the borders of Konya province. Konya is among the provinces of our country with its fascinating history. Due to the large number of domestic and foreign visitors, Konya is among our highly developed provinces in the car rental sector. You can go to any place in Konya and around Konya without problems by taking car rental service. Konya offers you many accommodation options. Luxury hotels, as well as convenient hotels and guest houses are available. With the rental service, you will always be comfortable traveling and free from your place of stay to your destination.

There are considerations to consider when buying a car rental service in Konya. When buying a car rental service in Konya, it is necessary to pay attention to the comfort and driving feeling of the car you will rent. Since Konya receives more visitors due to its historical and economy, there is also a high density of car rental in the city. You can make your trip more comfortable by visiting our company's website and digital app to get car rental service in Konya and avoid car shortage.

It is a must for you to act by determining your needs before receiving Konya car rental service. If you specify your needs by calling our team of experts, you can help us to allocate the most suitable tool for you. In this way, we ensure that you get Konya car rental service smoothly. As a company, we aim to provide you with the most comfortable, fast and economical service in Konya rent a car. When providing car rental services in Konya, we always aim to make this situation more advantageous for our customers. Car rental with our company in Konya province is now much more economical, fast and reliable. With Konya rent a car service, you will be more free and flexible in your business or holiday travel. You also don't have to deal with any maintenance costs for the car during your Konya car rental process. You get all the services for Konya car rental area from our company with options suitable for your budget and with confidence.

Reliable Konya Car Rental with RentiCar

As RentiCar, Turkey's most preferred rent a car company, we continue our way with high customer satisfaction. With the wide range of vehicles we have, we always provide Konya car rental service in line with the needs of our customers and trying not to victimize our customers. As a company, we offer Konya car rental service that suits your every needs, regardless of your business trips or holiday trips. You can easily get Konya rental car service by choosing the sedan or SUV models you want by choosing our company.

At RentiCar, we allow you to rent the vehicles you need in Konya car rental service. In addition, the prices for Konya car rental transactions you will receive are as determined in advance. You will never encounter surprise payments on our Konya rent a car service. As the RentiCar family, we also enable you to find answers to the problems you may encounter in your Konya car rental transactions or all the issues you may have during your Konya rental car service by contacting our solution-oriented Contact Center. At RentiCar, we always provide services by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront. When providing Konya rent a car service, we aim to provide the best Konya rent a car service that can be given by allocating the tools for the needs of our customers to them.

Places to Visit and See in Konya

Konya is one of the oldest cities of our country with settlements beginning in prehistoric times. Konya is also an important focal point for its cultural wealth. Konya, an indispensable address of faith and culture tours, is also home to Çatalhöyuk, which is the center of attention of all archaeologists. It is possible to see a lot of architectural structures from the past to the present, especially the masterpieces built with the impressive architecture of the Seljuk period of the 13th century.

This city, which contains the fascinating beauties of the steppe and has been the capital of Anatolia for many years, is at the top of the places to visit with its historical structure. After Topkapi Palace Museum, the most visited museum in our country is Konya. The Mevlana Museum welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every year. Mevlana Tomb and Shems-i Tabrizi Tomb, where people go to pray, should be ranked first in the list of places to visit. Konya also welcomes the lovely pink flamingos of Salt Lake, the only salt lake of our country. It is also a city where you can explore natural beauties such as Storks Valley, Beyşehir Lake, Aksehir Lake and Meke Lake. It also offers dozens of treasures such as Alaaddin Mosque and Sultan Selim Mosque, which are one of the most beautiful and private mosques in Anatolia. With rental car services in Konya, you can visit these beautiful historical places to the fullness.

Mevlana Tomb

It is always the center of attention of local and foreign visitors with its unique architecture and rich collections reflecting the Anatolian Seljuk period. In the collections of the museum there are thousands of works about both Mevlana and Mevlevilik. In addition, more than 2500 manuscripts from Anatolian Seljuklu to Karamanoğullari and Ottoman era are found in the museum. Among the vast works are exhibited hundreds of unique objects such as lamps and antique musical instruments. Built in 1274 by Sultan Veled, son of Mevlana, this shrine gives thousands of local foreign visitors every year with the words “Come, come, come, come again”. You can also visit Mevlana Tomb and more with rental car Konya service.


Çatalhoyük is located 45 kilometers from the city. Located on the borders of Çumra district of Konya, Çatalhöyük is one of the most important historical treasures of Central Anatolia. This place was discovered in 1958, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. This historical place, which is thought to have been built nine thousand years ago, was used as a settlement during the Polished Stone Age and the Copper Age. While touring Çatalhöyük Neolithic City, where there are many priceless and memorable artifacts, you can examine thousands of years old pottery and historical items used in everyday life. With Konya rental car services, you can spend unforgettable times in and around this beautiful city.

How to Rent a Car in Konya?

Konya car rental service is especially needed in areas where people are busy, such as airport or bus terminal. It is advisable to book in advance as car rental is in high demand in Konya province. In this way, both the type of vehicles needed are reached smoothly at affordable prices. In order not to have problems with car rental Konya, it is also necessary to work with quality companies. You can get Konya rental car service without any problems by calling our company specialists or from our online platforms. For quality and reliable service, all you need to do is search for the vehicle you want on the pages of our company. As the RentiCar family, we provide car rental services at Konya Airport as well as in Konya and its surroundings.

Why is it advantageous to rent a car in Konya with RentiCar

We have always prioritized your satisfaction thanks to our services in the sector. We have worked to ensure that your rental needs are best met and that you have no problems. Even in busy cities, we show our difference with our smooth and reliable service network. For car rental Konya province, you can always call us and get support from our specialists. You also get the rental service very easily. We will also be with you with our website for your car rental needs in Konya. At RentIcar, we also work to offer you the most convenient in Konya car rental rates options. As RentiCar, we are a company that offers its services in the car rental sector perfectly. When receiving Konya car rental service from us, you will always experience the difference of experienced company in the field. Car rental gets Konya service at the best and most affordable prices, you can even save money on your trip.

What to Consider When Renting a Car in Konya?

Pre-travel planning is a must for a pleasant and hassle-free trip. It is necessary to pay attention to every aspect, from the means of transportation to the places to visit, from the work to the place of stay. Travels may not always be travelled by personal vehicle. Renting a car is the best alternative if you have a busy plan. For example, in a large city such as Konya, car rental Konya options may be preferred to match your business plans or travel times. The car rental option, which will save you from taxi or other expenses, also allows you to be flexible and free at every step of your trip.

When renting a car, it is very important who will use the car, where to go, how many people there will be. Then it is necessary to pay attention to where to pick up and where it will be delivered. Pre-made booking allows you to both rent the car you want and get services at affordable prices. A car rental contract is an element that protects both parties. Contract clauses must necessarily be read in comprehensive form. When picking up vehicles, it is necessary to ensure fuel tank control. The warehouse must be in that part when delivering it in whatever part it is. Otherwise, companies have the right to ask you for gasoline money. Before you embark on the road with the car you have rented, it is necessary to make a detailed examination. If there is damage to the vehicle, it must be reported to the company. The location and number of people to use the vehicle also determines the size and segment of the vehicle. For example, SUV-style vehicles will be more suitable on difficult roads, or if there will be a lot of people in the vehicle, large capacity vehicles should be preferred.

Konya Car Rental Prices

If you want to get quality and reliable rental car service, you can always get support from our company. Prices for rental cars in Konya can vary depending on many factors such as the vehicle's model, age and fuel type. It is necessary to choose vehicles, precisely determining your need. During the time you use, details such as the brand model of the car you will rent will play a role in the price ranges. In case you can not make the right decision about the vehicle, you can always get support from us, reach the right vehicle and at affordable prices. You always get budget-friendly deals with us at car rental prices. You can be the first to know about our campaigns and discounts by following our site.

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