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Being close to Istanbul as a location, much more values such as natural and historical beauties it has, helps Sakarya to be interesting. Destinations with dozens of different natural beauties such as Serdivan Lake Park and Sapanca Lake are also close to important cities such as Istanbul in terms of location. This proximity allows Sakarya to be preferred for business trips and talks.

It is here that car rental, which is the most popular mode of transportation of the last period, is also helping travelers to get comfort in different cities as well. For this, RentiCar, which draws attention with Sakarya car rental service, guarantees you comfort even if you are in different cities. In addition, thanks to the Sapanca car rental service, you will be able to travel much more comfortably and freely in the tourist areas.

Reliable Sakarya Car Rental with RentiCar

Sakarya, where tourism and trade are developed, is therefore in a position suitable for all kinds of visits. Traveling in a city of this importance involves various difficulties with regard to transportation. Since it is a very connected destination with the surrounding cities, Kocaeli car rental service is also very much in demand. Here, the car rental service, which is at the forefront and provides comfort in this regard, is maintained in Sakarya and surrounding areas with RentiCar assurance. For this you can take advantage of Sakarya car rental service and you can enjoy all the privileges of reliable travel.

Periodic maintenance of vehicles, inspections and other checks are carried out by our business partners and RentiCar provides a trouble-free service in this way. Therefore, you can take advantage of reliable and fast car rental without facing any problems. In order for Sakarya car rental service to be safe, another important advantage of RentiCar is that cars can be rented according to every need. Because so that the vehicles will satisfy your need, no negative will arise in your driving experience.

Places to Visit and See in Sakarya

Sakarya, which has been at an important point in every period of history due to its location, is also the center of attention thanks to the natural beauties it has. Therefore, it is among the points frequented by domestic and foreign tourists. Of course, another of the factors that allows you to be close to big cities in terms of location. Thus, both four sides of Sakarya and surrounding provinces can be visited with Sakarya car rental service.

Lake Sapanca

Sapanca Lake, which attracts attention as a freshwater lake, is actually a frontier position. It separates Kocaeli and Sakarya provinces. The creation of a wonderful natural lake allows it to host many events that will be of interest to tourists as well. It is a full opportunity for those who want to be intertwined with nature, take photos and videos in postcard images, take hikes and stay in bungalow houses. However, taking advantage of Sakarya rent a car service, going to this beautiful destination will give you a freer feeling.

Serdivan Lake Park

Located within the borders of Sakarya province, this beautiful tourist value is an opportunity for those who want to get lake air and spend time somewhere in the park air. Far from the concreting around Sapanca Lake, the beauty that feels completely park air, has also increased the potential of tourists to visit the city. You can comfortably visit many natural and historical beauties of Sakarya such as Serdivan Göl Park by taking advantage of Sakarya car rental service.


Taraklı is the pearl of Sakarya province, attracting the attention of tourists with its cobbled streets, city-specific houses, ruins from many periods of history and natural beauties. In addition, this beautiful destination, which is included in the Cittaslow network, is an important opportunity for those who want to spend their holiday in both natural and historical beauties. You can experience this beautiful destination with Sakarya rental car option and stay away from the options that will restrict your freedom.

How to Rent a Car in Sakarya?

Car rental is one of the services that attracts attention in important destinations such as Sakarya. Because the excess of traffic and population in cities that are popular in tourist terms causes other means of transport to contain hardship. However, by taking Sakarya car rental service, you can stay away from the problems experienced by transportation vehicles and experience a free transportation opportunity. Sakarya car rental service is a service offered under the assurance of RentiCar brand, so you can quickly and easily rent any car on the RentiCar website.

If you are going to rent a car on our website; You must press the “Search” button by filling in the Point of Receiving Vehicle, Date of Buying — Time and Return Date — Time fields. Then there will be options related to Sakarya car rental service. After selecting the vehicle that suits you, you can complete the transaction and make your payment process.

Why is it advantageous to rent a car in Sakarya with RentiCar

It will not be possible to get the car rental service from every brand in the same safe way. However, RentiCar will provide you with every advantage in your requests for Sakarya rent a car service. Maintained and fully inspected vehicles, latest model options, wide range of vehicles, choice of fuel type and more are some of the advantages that are at the forefront for your car rental from the RentiCar brand. In addition, you can rent a car in any period you want, as well as allow more than one person to drive with the option of extra drivers.

What to Consider When Renting a Car in Sakarya?

Car rental is among the services that attract attention to Sakarya. Therefore, RentiCar will always be with you with Sakarya rental car options suitable for every budget, needs and model. However, when renting a car, you should definitely pay attention to such steps as choosing the right company, vehicle preference by number of people, km limit, number of drivers and fuel type. In this way, Sakarya car rental service will be extremely advantageous for you. Since Sakarya car rental prices are diversified among brands, RentiCar will also offer you an affordable price option. In this way, you will benefit from Sakarya rent a car service in the easiest and most advantageous way.

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