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Monthly Rental

What is Monthly Car Rental?

Renting a car is a widely preferred transportation option today. Especially if you are in a different city or country, you can avoid getting lost on routes you are not familiar with by renting a car. Everyone who chooses to rent a car has different reasons. Those who come to another city for business, those who plan a nice holiday, those who create a travel route for the historical textures of the region they will visit; But what they all have in common is that they choose to rent a car for a convenient and comfortable journey. As everyone has different reasons, the type of car rental they prefer also varies. There are different short-term or long-term rental options. Daily car rental covers periods of less than 30 days, and monthly car rental covers periods of 30 days or more. Car rental can be more cost-effective when preferred on a monthly basis, so long-term rentals are more budget-friendly than short-term ones.

Among the most preferred services from car rental companies is the monthly car rental option. Companies also prefer long-term car rental options to benefit from these advantages. Cost planning becomes easier for both companies and families with easily manageable monthly installment payments. Especially during the summer months, families resort to monthly car rental options to make their holiday plans. In this way, they benefit from price advantages and can enjoy their holiday more easily with the rental car they choose to suit their needs. If you want to rent a car monthly, you are at the right place! With RentiCar, you can rent any vehicle you want for a period of 1 month or longer.

Monthly Car Rental Opportunities with RentiCar

It is extremely important to receive quality service in the car rental industry, which is growing day by day. Thanks to the importance RentiCar attaches to perfect customer experience, your journeys will become much more comfortable during your monthly car rental process.

With the monthly car rental opportunity we offer, you can have your car easily and quickly without waiting in long queues. At RentiCar, which also has installment options of up to 12 months, everyone can access a rental car that suits their needs, with thousands of vehicle options that are both budget-friendly. When renting a monthly car from other companies, you may encounter surprise charges. To avoid this situation, you can rely on RentiCar's transparent pricing policy. This way, the price you will pay is clear from the beginning and you will not encounter any bad surprises later on. RentiCar's wide range of business partners offers the opportunity to rent a car from many parts of Turkey.

  • If your travel preference is to the capital Ankara, the heart of Turkey, you can visit our Ankara car rental page. Thanks to RentiCar's business partners spread across Turkey, you can experience monthly car rental experiences full of opportunities in many cities.

Things to Consider When Renting a Monthly Car

There are some points you should pay attention to when renting a car for 1 month or for a longer period of time. Even though monthly car rental prices have become more advantageous than short-term rentals, pricing varies depending on the details you choose. Details such as vehicle segment, model, gear type, fuel type make a difference in the price to be paid. The supply status of the requested vehicle, its low stock, or the rental period falling on weekends or public holidays are reflected in the monthly car rental costs. You can pay monthly car rental fees either by debit card or credit card. The deposit amount to be paid at car rental offices can only be paid with the credit card of the person who will be renting.

When you rent a monthly car, the responsibility for inspecting the vehicle belongs to the company from which the vehicle is rented. Your company reminds you of inspection and exhaust measurement times. When you want to extend monthly rental car periods, your request is approved according to the availability of the rental companies. Another thing you should pay attention to is reading the contract carefully. Any problems or changes are implemented according to the terms of the contract. Considering all these situations, you can create your reservation with RentiCar by choosing the vehicle that suits your needs and easily entering location and date information. You can learn the location of the car rental office where you will pick up the vehicle with the Reservation Information Form sent to you when you complete your reservation.

Monthly Car Rental Prices

Monthly car rental prices cannot be evaluated at a fixed price. It varies depending on the features of the vehicle you choose, such as its segment, model and fuel type. You can easily compare the models that suit your needs and budget among thousands of vehicle options on RentiCar. To benefit from price advantages, you can choose the monthly car rental option instead of daily car rental. You can also rent a car at budget-friendly prices by following RentiCar's monthly car rental campaigns.

In Istanbul, where car rental companies are most popular, monthly rental car options are gaining momentum day by day. If you want to explore the historical texture of Istanbul and visit its touristic areas, you can benefit from Istanbul car rental services. Don't forget to watch the Bosphorus view during your journey with your rental car! You can also explore the most beautiful scenic spots of the city with your rental car. Here are those points: Bird's Eye View of Istanbul…

Frequently Asked Questions About undefined Monthly Rental

Why is monthly car rental advantageous?

Monthly car rental is more advantageous as it is more cost-effective compared to short-term rentals. While renting a car at budget-friendly prices, you can rent a car for a period of time that suits your business, vacation or trip.

Why choose RentiCar for affordable monthly car rental

With RentiCar's campaigns and installment options up to 12 months, you can rent a monthly car at an affordable pric.e. A wide range of partners offers you a fast and safe car rental experience.

Huw much is monthly car rental?

Monthly car rental prices vary according to the features of the car you will rent, the location and the period you want to rent. For 1 month car rental prices, you can view the current prices with date and location information from RentiCar immediately.

Is it possible to rent a car for an individual month?

Of course. Not only companies and businesses but also individuals can rent a car for 1 month or longer. Moreover, long-term leasing will be much more profitable than short-term and frequent car rentals.

What is the mileage limit for monthly car rental?

The mileage allowance for RentiCar monthly car rental service varies depending on the partner and the vehicle, but is limited to 3,300 km on average.