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Konya Selcuklu

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Konya maintains its place in the front row among the busiest and most important provinces of Turkey in terms of tourism. It is a popular city with museums and green spaces, which has embraced a very valuable name, has become the capital of a civilization, is known and valued in the world like Mevlânâ. Transportation in Konya, which has a large number of historical and tourist areas, is very comfortable and pleasant with your own vehicle. With Konya Selçuklu car rental, you can visit the city, which is important for cultural tourism as well as faith tourism, making a pleasant and safe journey.

Information about Konya Selçuklu 

Selçuklu is a central district in the Province of Konya, Turkey. Selçuklu got its name from the Seljuks, who made Konya the capital and made its name in history. Selçuklu is an important center, especially in terms of faith tourism. The district includes 3000 years old historical Sille Quarter, Ince Minaret Stone and Wood Artifacts Museum, Alaaddin Pavilion and Palace ruins and many important historical monuments. Let's touch on the must-see places of the city, which are quite rich in attractions.

Alaeddin Hill

The history of this hill, which is important for the people of Konya, dates back to quite ancient times. Phrygian, Helen, Roman, Byzantine, Selçuklu and Ottoman civilizations lived on this hill, which has embraced many civilizations throughout history. Nowadays, it serves as a prom place. The hill was named after the Selçuklu Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat I.

Aya Elena Church

It is said that 327 years after the birth of Jesus, Helena, the mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great, went to Konya on his way to Jerusalem for pilgrimage, saw carved temples of the early Christian ages here and decided to build a temple for Christians in Sille.

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