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Bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Tarsus (Mersin) to the west, Kayseri and Niğde to the north, Hatay, Osmaniye and Kahramanmaras to the east, Adana is located in a great location south of the Taurus Mountains. Adana is the cradle of many civilizations that have passed. Born from Taurus, it was established on the banks of the river Seyhan, which poured into the Mediterranean Sea by making wide folds in the lowland. Adana is a locationwhere history and nature live intertwined. Adana Seyhan car rental is a town where demand is intense in every season. Not only will you save time by renting a car, but you will also get the chance to go anywhere you want at any time.

What are the places to visit in Adana Seyhan?

Adana is a city that has managed to stand out with its wide and cuisine in terms of places to visit. Here's where to see, let's take a look at them:


There is information that the Taşköprü, located on the Seyhan River, was built by Hadrianus, one of the famous Roman emperors. On this occasion it bears the title of the oldest bridge in the world, which is still actively used. The bridge connects the two largest districts of Adana, Seyhan and Yureğir district.

Adana Cinema Museum

Opened during the 18th Golden Cocoon Film Festival, Adana Cinema Museum exhibits photographs, letters, used decors and clothes from Yeşilçam.

Sabancı Merkez Mosque

The mosque with six minarets is located on the Seyhan leg of Taşköprü. The mosque surroundings are parked, and it is a very pleasant environment for hiking along the banks of the Seyhan River.

Kapıkaya Canyon and Varda Bridge

The canyon, which is 50 kilometers away from the city center, is located within the borders of Karaisali district. A walking path is located in the canyon, which has a total length of 20 kilometers. The historical Varda Bridge is located 2 kilometers away from the canyon. Those who go to the canyon must also see this place. Adana is not a city that you can complete in 1 day in terms of places to visit and see. You will need at least 3-4 days.

What Are Adana Seyhan Car Rental Options with RentiCar?

Must-see places in the area are quite a lot, and many of them are located in remote points to each other. When exploring Adana, you will save time with the car you rent from RentiCar and you will be able to reach anywhere comfortably without being exposed to Adana heat. The address of comfort and hygiene is RentiCar, with you in all cities.

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