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Kars is located in the north of Eastern Anatolia Region. During your visit to the region, you can discover great places by choosing from RentiCar Kars Harakani Airport car hire.

Things To Do In Kars Harakani

The historical and cultural structures of each of our provincials become the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. A province that is in the center of interest and arouses a willingness to explore is Kars. Before exploring, you can take advantage of RentiCar's Kars Harakani Airport car rental services and start exploring the beauties of the region.

Kars Museum, which you can reach with 9 kilometers away from the airport, is one of the must-see places. Kumbet Mosque is 7.1 km away on the same route.

Kars Castle, which fascinates us with its magnificent view, is 9.2 km to the airport and where you can travel easily. The historical structure of the region is quite rich. Churches, mosques, waterfalls where you can breathe, museums, shrines are also of great interest.

Coming to Kars, it is possible to watch the Caucasian shows unique to its locality and reach the peaks of entertainment.

It is one of the most famous flavors of katmer, beak, feselli, nezik, haside, kars delight and hangel kars. In addition, noodles vaccine, piti kebab, kurze, kars ketesi and kars goose are among the other dishes that will remain in your palate taste.

Finally, as a memory for yourself or your loved ones when you leave our city, you can get a special gift of obsidian stone or goose pillow for Kars, which is believed to have a great impact on reducing bad energy. For those who want to buy delicious homemade products, Kars honey, Caucasian rugs and carpets, curd (shor) cheese, Kars cheddar are recommended products.

Kars Harakini Airport Car Rental Options

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Kars Harakani Airport Car Rental Prices

When determining car rental prices, it is taken into account that it suits you and meets your needs. As with all our services, you can have detailed information about Kars Harakani Airport car rental by contacting us on the website.

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