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Trabzon Ortahisar

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Trabzon Ortahisar, which is one of the most notable tourist areas of Turkey, is visited by thousands of people every year. Trabzon Ortahisar, which has an important place in terms of Eastern Black Sea tourism, is also a highly demanded region in terms of car rental. Located in this location, RentiCar offers you the highest quality and affordable car rental options. Rent the car that best suits your budget and enjoy your trip through RentiCar.

Where are Trabzon Ortahisar Places to Visit? 

First, of course, you should start your trip with the Museum of Trabzon. Trabzon Museum, one of the most popular attractions of the region, welcomes thousands of people every year. Located on the coast, the museum contains many historical and cultural parts. It is 1500 square meters wide and exhibits the history of Trabzon. When you come to Ortahisar, you should not leave without touring the Trabzon Museum.

Another important building is Atatürk Mansion, which is 4 km away from the district center. Considering its architectural structure, Atatürk Mansion is a durable building that has managed to preserve its architectural structure for many years. It has 2 floors and covers an area of 700 square meters. The mansion, which contains many historical and cultural parts of the Ottoman Empire, also has a statue of Ataturk.

Uzungöl will be a good option for this if we talk about natural beauties a little bit. Located about 45 kilometers from the district center, Uzungol can be easily reached by rented car from Renticar. Uzungöl, where you can have a fun time intertwined with nature, is a complete natural wonder. It is usually an area that photographers visit a lot.

What Are the Trabzon Ortahisar Car Rental Options with RentiCar? 

The city of Trabzon is a region that is in high demand for car rental in general. It is also one of our cities that are an influx of tourists every season with its magnificent nature. RentiCar offers quality services to travel lovers in Trabzon Ortahisar and the city center with its clean vehicles. RentiCar serves high standards in hygiene and cleanliness and is always with you with its vehicles suitable for the desired driving style.

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