Hatay İskenderun Rent a Car

Iskenderun is the 2nd largest district of Hatay in terms of population. It has one of the largest ports in Turkey and in this regard is an important position in maritime trade. Around the district there are various promenade sites with natural beaches and highlands. The district center is developing in a planned manner in accordance with the concept of contemporary urbanism. The main streets of the district descend perpendicular to the sea. Ataturk Boulevard, which extends parallel to the shore with the seashore area, Ataturk statue and surroundings, was reorganized with entertainment and sports facilities and opened to service in 1985. Iskenderun is one of the largest districts of Turkey today and is a rapidly developing city, especially in the field of industry, maritime trade and tourism. Due to these features, a large number of visitors come to the district and the need for car rental services has also increased.

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Places to Visit in Hatay İskenderun

Iskenderun is one of the richest regions of our country in terms of history and culture. İskenderun is a district full of historical sites, museums and stylish attractions. Also known for its delicious food, this district serves its visitors with restaurants with a wide menu. Iskenderun, which also has the distinction of being the gateway of the Mediterranean Sea to the Middle East, and its surroundings bear a mark from every civilization that has lived here. Although Alexanderun has a great history in its own right, keep in mind that there are plenty of places to explore in the immediate vicinity as well as going as far as Iskenderun. After making your planning, you can enjoy the city and take advantage of the different possibilities offered by RentiCar car rental service to you.

Hatay İskenderun Car Rental Alternatives

İskenderun is a city conducive to land, sea and air transportation. The nearest airport to the city is Hatay Airport, which came into service in 2007, 30 km away. Adana Sakirpasa Airport, which is 150 km away, is used for transportation to other cities other than Istanbul and Ankara. This situation increases the need for car rental service in order to have a comfortable travel. Anyone who comes here both for tourism and for commercial purposes can benefit from the advantages of picking and renting a vehicle for their needs with RentiCar. With the means of hygiene measures taken, RentiCar ensures that your trip passes safely.

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