Malatya Airport (MLX)

Malatya Airport Rent a Car

Malatya, an important city in terms of tourism in Turkey, is located in Eastern Anatolia Region. It has many attractions, both tourist and historical attractions. Visitors who want to come to Malatya usually prefer Malatya Airport car rental options to travel anywhere comfortably after landing at Malatya Airport.

Information about Malatya Airport

Malatya Airport is within the borders of Malatya province and is in the civilian-military category. Malatya Airport, which started its service in 1941 in order to serve Malatya province, is established in a total area of 8,590.890 m². The passenger use area is 2239.8 m², the total use area is 9545 m². Parking for 152 cars is available.

Transportation from Malatya City Center to Malatya Airport

You can easily transport from the city center to the airport or from the airport to the city center with airport shuttles, buses or taxis. It takes about 35 minutes by taxi.

For those who come to this location for a tourist trip, we can list the popular tourist spots of Malatya as follows:

  • Zeynel Abidin Tomb
  • Günpınar Waterfall
  • Somuncu Baba Mosque and Tomb
  • Gündüzbey
  • Mustafa Pasha Caravansaray
  • Arapgir Kozluk Tea Canyon
  • Levent Valley
  • Sultansuyu Hara
  • Slider Takaz Proximity Area

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