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Malatya Bus Terminal

Malatya Bus Terminal Rent a Car

Malatya Intercity Bus Terminal is a bus station serving Malatya. Malatya is a city that is always visited a lot with historical traces from past to present. For this reason, Malatya Bus Terminal is a region where demand is high in terms of car rental.

Information about Malatya Bus Terminal

Malatya Bus Terminal is one of the entrance roads to our Malatya city, which is located in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey and is on the historical Silk and King roads. Opened in 1999, Malatya Bus Terminal is built on an area of 178 thousand square meters in total. Around there are many cafes and recreation areas. Apart from local bus companies, it also has bus companies operating nationally. So where can you visit Malatya when you come to Malatya bus station?

One of the must-visit points of the city is Gürpinar Waterfall. Gürpınar Waterfall is located in the district of Darende, Malatya. Gürpinar Waterfall, which is one of the most interesting and fascinating visuals of nature, welcomes thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Another point to visit is Arslantepe Mound, which is an open-air museum today, Arslantepe Mound is traces from history.

Apart from these, Malatya Castle, Levent Valley, Malatya Ataturk House, Orduzu, Karakaya Dam Lake, Battalgazi Great Mosque, Ethnographic Museum, Mustafa Kemal Pasha Caravansaray are among the places to visit in Malatya.

How to get to Malatya Bus Terminal?

Malatya Bus Terminal is located on Ankara Street, one of the central points of the city. You can reach here with many buses from different parts of the city, as well as use the services of the bus companies located in the bus station.

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