Mus Airport (MSR)
Mus Airport (MSR) Car Rental

Mus Airport (MSR)

Mus Airport Rent a Car

With its historical structures and natural beauties, Muş has always been a prominent city in Turkey. Thousands of visitors who want to visit these attractions choose the car rental options at Mus Airport. Located at this point, RentiCar works with the concept of quality service to bring you to the most comfortable and reliable way to visit the city's attractions. By choosing RentiCar, you can rent the best car for your budget and travel to any place you want with ease.

What Things to Visit at Mus Airport? 

Muş, one of the most beautiful cities in terms of tourism in Turkey with its historical mosques, castles, bridges, and enchanting natural beauty, is located in Eastern Anatolia Region. Moreover, it is possible to fully tour Mus in 2-3 days by rented car through RentiCar!

Muş Castle will be your first stop if you first come to the city center with your car from Muş Airport. It is not known how Muş Castle, known as the oldest settlement of the Mus, was built. At the same time, there are cemeteries belonging to many civilizations, including Arab, Seljuk, and Ottoman, next to Muş Castle. A park was built by the municipality around Muş Castle in terms of tourism.

If we continue from the Mus provincial center, the other point that reflects the history should be the Mus Ulu Mosque. This historical mosque, known to be made of rubble stone, has a rectangular plan. It is seen that it carries traces of the period of the second half of the 19th century. The minaret was unfortunately destroyed in the earthquake of 1966, and it was rebuilt in 1968.

We are greeted by the Starry Inn when we move up a little further from the city center. Located on Blacksmith Street inside the bazaar, Yilly Khan's architecture reflects the Seljuk era. Since it is located on the Silk Road, it has always had an important place between Erzurum-Mush-Bitlis in terms of commercial and accommodation.

Of course, finally, we recommend that you do not leave without seeing traditional Muş houses and tasting the unique flavors of Mus!

Mus Airport Car Rental Options

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