Sinop Airport (NOP)
Sinop Airport (NOP) Car Rental

Sinop Airport (NOP)

Sinop Airport Rent a Car

Sinop, an important city in terms of tourism in Turkey, is located in the Black Sea region. It has many attractions, both tourist and historical attractions. Visitors who want to come to Sinop usually prefer Sinop Airport car rental options to travel anywhere comfortably after landing at Sinop Airport.

Information about Sinop Airport

Sinop Airport started service with the SIC code in 1993 due to serving Sinop province. Later this code was changed to NOP. The annual passenger capacity is 150,000. The distance to the city is 8 km. Passenger areas are 343m² and the parking capacity is 100 cars.

Transportation from Sinop City Center to Sinop Airport

You can easily transport from the city center to the airport or from the airport to the city center with airport shuttles, buses, taxis, and rental vehicles. It takes about 15 minutes with a special tool.

For those who come to this location for a tourist trip, we can list the popular sightseeing spots of Sinop as follows:

Erfelek Waterfall, Hamsilos Bay, Sinop Archaeological Museum, Inalti Cave, Akgol Natural Park, Historical Sinop Prison, Sinop Castle, Inceburun Lighthouse and more.

Sinop Airport Car Rental Options with RentiCar

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How much is a car rental at Sinop Airport with RentiCar? 

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