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Sırnak Silopi is located in the southeastern Anatolia region, right on the border of Turkey. It is known that this district, located 33 km from the center of Şırnak, is a residential center connected to the city of “Mosul”, an important settlement before B.C. This Şırnak Silopi, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year in line with its historical significance, is a region that is very demanded for this reason in terms of car rental. RentiCar offers you the best and highest quality car rental options so that you can travel and see everywhere comfortably.

Where are the places to visit in Şırnak Silopi?

Silopi is a district known to be linked to the city of Ninova (Mosul) at first, since the remains found around it are considered evidence of the Assyrians living in this area. In the Yankale hamlet connected to the district center, there are also the ruins of Assyrian Fortress. It is said that the hills around Kavaklı, Wheat and Yankale hamlet located in the district are made with human power. It is known that these hills were used for communication during the Assyrian era. The name of Şırnak Silopi, which was home to many civilizations in the historical periods after that, also comes from the plain, which is Silopi plain in the past period and the Silopi plain in the past period.

Since the people living here generally lead nomadic life, there are not many historical relics in the region, but there are still several historically important places.
In Görümlü, connected to the district center known as Old Mosque, a reinforced concrete mosque is replaced by this mosque, which is located on the sloping land at the top of the creek. The inscription of the old mosque and only the western wall has reached the present day.

The mosque reflecting another history is the Mosque and Madrasah of Noah Nebi. Located in the south of the village of Birlik, 2 km from the district center, the mosque is considered the place where the prophet Noah landed on the plain. The mosque and madrasah, popularly called the Nebi of Noah, are inside the cemetery in the south-west of the village.

The exact date of its construction is unknown, since there is no inscription on it. Judging by the historical situation of the region and the architectural features of the mosque, it is estimated that it was made in the Seljuk period i.e. in the 13th century. Unfortunately, nowadays it is completely in ruin.

What Are Sırnak Silopi Car Rental Options?

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