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Commercial Message


As GOGOCAR BİLİŞİM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ ('RentiCar' or "Company"), we would like to inform you about commercial electronic messages and provide you with a better service by obtaining your commercial electronic message approval within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law, Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce, Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages and other legal regulations.

Commercial electronic message means messages carried out electronically and sent for commercial purposes, express data, voice and video content message that sent via telephone, call centers, fax, automated calling machines, intelligent voice recorder systems, e-mail, push notification, text message services. Commercial electronic messages can only be sent to recipients with prior approval. This approval may be obtained in writing or through any electronic communication tools or through the Message Management System ("IYS").

Buyers will be able to refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time without any justification. In this context, even if you give your consent to the sending of commercial electronic messages, you can always refuse to receive commercial electronic messages at any time without any justification by entering the link in the forwarded message and through the IYS.

I accept, declare and undertake that the necessary information has been given to me in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, that I have read and understood this information form and that the following statement received in this way is valid.

Processing of my personal data in order to provide me with the appropriate product or service application, benefits or campaigns in line with membership procedures/car rental procedures, general information, promotion, advertising, sales and marketing, survey, celebration, wish and all kinds of communication with me and to my contact addresses and/or mobile devices by the Company under the name of the Company or RentiCar or on behalf of the Company, third parties providing services under the obligation of confidentiality. I acknowledge and declare that I have been informed clearly that I can always refuse to receive commercial electronic messages without any justification for sending data, audio and video information, promotional and marketing messages to be transmitted by individuals through call, text message (SMS), fax, push notification automatic calling machines, e-mail and similar communication channels.