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Erciş district, which is one of the central districts of Van, has become one of the important tourist spots of recent times with its natural beauty and historical structures. For this reason, Van Erciş car rental demands have increased greatly.

Information about Van Erciş

Van Erciş, which is a preferred destination, especially for those who enjoy being intertwined with nature, has many places to visit. Some of them are Delichay, Erciş Castle, Zortul Kumbeti, Cuneiform Inscriptions, Kadem Pasha Hatun Tomb, and Kara Yusuf Pasha Tomb. Let's examine them briefly.

Looking at Deliçay is one of the most important natural beauties of Erciş region and the distance from Erciş to the center is about 10 km. It is a destination that attracts quite attention as it is a meeting point with Lake Van. Here there is a spawning area of pearl mullets native to Lake Van, and every year the fish jump on the water to reach this area, creating a visual feast. It is a visual feast where local and foreign tourists flock to Delichay to see.

Each city has its own unique castle. Erciş Castle is one of these castles. Erciş Castle, where special means are preferred for transportation, was used from the period of the Kingdom of Urartu to the Ottoman Empire. Erciş Castle, which was flooded in 1841 as a result of the rising water level of Lake Van, has surfaced with the decline of waters again in recent years.

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