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Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN) Rent a Car

Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN) Rent a Car

Van Ferit Melen Airport Rent a Car

RentiCar, Van Ferit Melen Airport offers you the most convenient and high-quality service in car rental as well as in all airports of Turkey with Van Ferit Melen Airport car rental options.

Information about Van Ferit Melen Airport

Van Ferit Melen Airport was opened in 1943 and is 8 km from the city center. The most important feature of this airport is that the first satellite landing system was established here in Turkey.

How to get to Van Ferit Melen Airport?

Van Ferit Melen Airport provides easy access from many points of the city center. You can get to the city center, whether by public transport or by private car. You can use public transport buses allocated by the Van Big City Municipality. With bus 351 passing through the airport, you can get to Van Merkez in 25 minutes on average. The bus route is in the form of Airport Junction, Airport, Ipekyolu Boulevard, Shabaniye Street, Vegetable Carpet Junction, Hajibekir Street, Cumhuriyet Street, Maras Street, National Sovereignlik Street and Gemini. You can buy a one-time ticket for use on the bus or travel more than once by purchasing Belvan Kart, which is exclusive to Van. Apart from buses as public transport, you can also choose minibusses departing from the airport exit terminal. If you do not have a private car, one of the most preferred transportation options for easy transportation is car rental. You can travel effortlessly and reliably in less time with a special car that you will rent for your needs.

Van Ferit Melen Airport Car Rental Options

At Van Ferit Melen Airport, as in every airport in Turkey, we offer you the easiest and most quality car rental options for your needs. All you need to do is complete the car rental steps and perform the rental process through our website. After renting your car, you can pick up your car from the car rental offices of our business partners located in the airport and plan your trip.

City Center Car Rental

Van Frequantly Asked Questions About Car Rental

How to rent a car at Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN)?

Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN) can easily make your car rental transactions and enjoy your journey by selecting the date zone and features suitable for you through our page about Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN).

What is the price of a car rental at Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN)?

Van Ferit Melen Airport (VAN) car rental prices vary depending on many factors such as the model of your chosen vehicle, fuel type, and age. You can select any filters on our page and access the list of tools that suit you.