Ankara Yenimahalle Rent a Car

Car rental needs are quite large in every district of Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey and where frequent visits take place. RentiCar offers you the best and best quality car rental options in Yenimahalle, one of the most populous districts of Ankara.

Where to Visit in Ankara Yenimahalle?

Ankara Yenimahalle is one of the most populated districts of Ankara. Yenimahalle has historical structures and pleasant areas that are valuable to visit, attracting attention with their architectures. One of the first places that comes to mind here is the President's Palace. The Presidential Palace, which has been made the official residence of the President in the future periods planned for the use of the Prime Minister, is in this district. This palace also opens to visitors over time. Akköprü, made by Ankara Governor Kızıl Bey, is one of the first places visited by those who come to this region. Akköprü, which consists of 7 arched structures and attracts attention with its appearance, is located at the confluence of Çubuk Tea, İncesu Deresi and Hatip Tea. The 75th Ankara Racecourse, which has an average capacity of 8700 people, is also located in a large area.

Located in Yenimahalle, Ankara, Atatürk Forest Farm with its green appearance and peaceful nature, is a natural site that was gifted to Atatürk in 1925. Here there is also an artificial pond. From an architectural point of view, not without mentioning its museums. The Children's Museum and Science Center of Universal Values include activities and trainings for children.

When you make your visit in Ankara Yenimahalle, it will not be without tasting the famous dishes here. Especially khokek and aş soup, efelek stuffed, Ankara pan are tastes suitable for your taste palate and you will like.

What Are the Car Rental Options in Ankara Yenimahalle?

RentiCar provides services around the clock in Ankara Yenimahalle, as well as from every province and district of Turkey in terms of car rental. All you need to do is reach out to us through our app and select the car you want to rent and follow the steps that come out in order and rent the car you need.

What are Yenimahalle Car Rental Prices in Ankara?

With RentiCar about car rental, you can easily find a vehicle you want for your demands and in line with your budget. To do this, you just need to choose the location of Ankara Yenimahalle and the date ranges you will travel through our website. The models and prices of vehicles that meet these criteria you have chosen will be listed. Car rental facilities that fit your budget are at your disposal through RentiCar.

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