Ankara Mamak Rent a Car

Ankara Mamak, which draws attention with its historical, tourism and cultural sites, is the district with the most green area located in Ankara. Located about 3.5 km from the center, Mamak is located in the east of Ankara. Visitors who want to visit this district and Ankara, where it is possible to see traces of the remains of life dating back to ancient times, can choose to rent a car with RentiCar, which also offers services in Mamak and find the opportunity to travel to their desired regions with ease.

Where are Ankara Mamak Attractions?

The name of Mamak district, which was put into service in 1983, means military and civilian settlement area, and the name of the district is based on it.

We said we could see traces of antiquity in Mamak. Accordingly, many items belonging to Galat, Phrygian, Roman and Byzantine were seized during the excavation works. Mamak district, which also hosted the Seljuk era, is also the place where the first military hospital was established during the period of the National Struggle. If we consider places to visit, we can start with Demirligarden, also known as another name Dürmi Garden. Although it was damaged as a result of natural disasters in 1957, it became open to visit later by restoration. It is a place frequented by those who want to stroll, get fresh air, take a walk. Elmadağ, which is a favorite of winter months with ski resorts, is another place to visit in Mamak. Do not be upset if you came to this area in summer, where you can enjoy the snow by skiing; you can get full of natural beauty and make your holiday enjoyable by visiting this area with various waterfalls. Hüseyin Gazi Hill, which is known as the highest hill in Ankara Mamak, is one of the beautiful scenic places where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The fact that this hill has witnessed many wars in the past also increases its historical significance. With the impressive presence of Roman forts and streams located in it at the same time, Hatip Tea is a point where nature lovers and history-interested alike must be visited. It is a must-see place where nature and history are intertwined. Besides these beauties, Bayındır Creek located in Mamak, Kayaş Hacı Satlış Aga Fountain, Seyyid Huseyin Gazi Zaviyesi and Tomb, Kıbrisköy Creek and Nenek Hatice Hatice Hatûn Fountain are some of the natural and cultural beauties you will want to visit.

What Are Ankara Mamak Car Rental Options?

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