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Ankara Demetevler

Ankara Demetevler

Ankara Demetevler Rent a Car

Demetevler neighborhood of Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey and where frequent visits take place, is expressed as “chirping” by the people living there due to the young population in the region. RentiCar offers you the best and highest quality car rental options to travel to Ankara comfortably.


Where are the places to visit in Ankara Demetevler?

Ankara, the capital of Turkey and the most populous city with a population of 5.6 million people, is home to Anitkabir—one of Turkey's most visited landmarks. One of the first places you will go with the car you rent can be Anıtkabiri. Monument, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's monument tomb is located, is almost an icon of Ankara. Inside Istiklâl Tower, Hurriyet Tower, Mehmetçik Tower, Defense Tower, Victory Tower, Peace Tower, 23 April Tower, Misak-ı Milli Tower, İnkılâp Tower, Lion Road, Ceremony Square, Ismet İnönün's Lahn Monument made by famous architects, which has many beautiful sections such as Peace Park and Peace Park, welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Atatürk Forest Farm, which is located in the immediate vicinity and provides peace with its lush view, can also be your second stop. This natural site, which is gifted to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has been protected; there are various areas such as zoo, picnic areas, walking paths, Ataturk House Museum decorated with period furniture where you can see Atatürk's personal belongings and Gazi Forest Farm. Another place where visitors visit a lot is Kuğulu Park. Kuğulu Park, one of the most popular sightseeing areas in the city, offers a very pleasant and entertaining excursion especially for families with children. In this area, where you can see swans, geese and dozens of bird varieties, there are hiking zones, bike paths and tea gardens that will give you a pleasant rest. Crescent Square, which is one of the most vibrant squares in Turkey, can be very suitable for evening walks. At the same time, you can taste Ankara-specific dishes in fine restaurants located in Crescent Square, Beypazarı casserole, efelek stuffed, Ankara pan and more...


What Are Ankara Demetevler Car Rental Options?

Recently, car rental demands for convenience in touristic area trips have increased and RentiCar, where you can rent a car that fits your budget around the clock, pays great importance to customer satisfaction. Once you enter the location and date information, you can immediately rent the car that suits your budget and you need.

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