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Balikesir Burhaniye Rent a Car

Balikesir Burhaniye Rent a Car

Balıkesir Burhaniye Rent a Car

Located in the Aegean Region and between the Kaz Mountains and Madra Mountain, Balıkesir Burhaniye is a charming town in the Gulf of Edremit. This area, which is rich in olive trees, is also called the Olive Riviera for this reason. Visitors who want to visit Burhaniye, which fascinates with its historical, cultural riches and natural beauty, can choose RentiCar car rental options located in this location in order to be able to visit and see comfortably.

Where are the Places to Visit in Balıkesir Burhaniye?

Burhaniye, which contains many beauties worth seeing, is a region that is especially preferred by those who want to make summer holidays. In mythology, these natural wonder beaches are famous for their radiant glow in the sun, even though it is believed that Zeus' wife Goddess Hera came from the Ida Mountains and sunbathe on this radiant beach. Apart from this, another reason why it is preferred for the holiday is that the district is not as crowded as other places near the sea.

One of these beaches is located in Ören, the most popular neighborhood of Burhaniye. This beach, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year with its clean sea, sparkling beach and lush recreation facility, is about 4 km from the district center. Oren Beach, which is especially famous for its immaculate water and thin sand, has been registered with the Blue Flag, which is the “Sea Accessibility Criterion” issued by the European Foundation for Environmental Education since 2000. Natural beauties aside, Adramytteion Ancient City can be a beautiful starting point for history-loving visitors visiting Burhaniye, which is also famous for its historical beauty. The most important ancient city of the region, also known as the Old Edremit, was completely abandoned in 1090 due to frequent invasions throughout history.

Apart from this, the Rock altar, where nature and history converge, are also an important place to see. The Rock Altars, which differ in plan from the places of worship of Antiquity, are the finest example of the divinized belief in nature and fertility that has existed since the Polished Stone Age.

What Are Balıkesir Burhaniye Car Rental Options?

Recently, car rental demands for convenience in touristic area trips have increased and RentiCar, where you can rent a car that fits your budget around the clock, pays great importance to customer satisfaction. Once you enter the location and date information, all you need is right for your budget and rent the car you need right away.

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How to rent a car in Balıkesir Burhaniye?

You can easily make your car rental transactions in Balıkesir Burhaniye and enjoy your journey by selecting the date zone and features suitable for you through our page about Balikesir Burhaniye.

What is the price of a car rental in Balıkesir Burhaniye?

Balikesir Burhaniye car rental prices vary depending on many factors such as the model of your chosen vehicle, fuel type and age. You can select any filters on our page and access the list of tools that suit you.