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Güre is a resort town in the District of Edremit, Balıkesir Province, Turkey. It is located on the Canakkale road. Especially famous for its hot springs, it is a region that attracts a lot of tourists for these reasons. Therefore, Balıkesir Güre car rental options are one of the preferred methods for excursion in this region.

Information About Balıkesir Güre

Balıkesir Güre, located 4 km away from Açay, on Çanakkale road, attracts attention with its most hot springs. Güre hot springs and thermal facilities, which have attracted quite a lot of attention in recent years and become the symbol of Güre, have become the center of attention of tourists. These hot springs are one of the places that lovers of history and architecture also visit because the architectural ornaments, columns, reliefs in the hot springs attract quite a lot of attention.

Apart from hot springs, there are many places to visit in Gure. One of them is the Güre Gelinçamı Picnic Place, which is especially preferred by Güre people. It is located 3 km from Gure Village. In addition, part of Sarıkiz events organized by Güre Municipality are held here every year. Outside of Gelinçamı, Pınarbaşı Picnic Area, Çamlıbel-Sharlak Picnic Place is also one of Güre's other preferred picnic areas.

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