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Denizli Pamukkale

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Pamukkale, a natural location in Denizli province, is located in the Aegean region of Turkey, in the valley of the Menderes River with a temperate climate. Pamukkale is on the World Heritage List established by UNESCO. Pamukkale, which suffers an influx of tourists every season, is good for heart disorders, rheumatism, digestive, respiratory, circulatory and skin disorders in addition to offering a visual feast to the outgoing. Those who want to travel around these places can enjoy a much safer trip by taking advantage of Denizli Pamukkale car rental facilities. You can rent the most suitable car for your budget by choosing RentiCar, which does not compromise on customer satisfaction, and you can travel the places you want conveniently.

Information about Denizli Pamukkale

Pamukkale, a district of Denizli, is located 22 kilometers north of the city center. Pamukkale opens its doors to thousands of tourists from all over the world with its snow-white travertine. It is a very interesting place, both historically and culturally. Let's look at the must-see places in Pamukkale, which is also famous for its healing thermal waters.

Hierapolis Ancient City

It is a historical site located about 17 kilometers from the center of Pamukkale district. Hierapolis has been used as a thermal health area. Thermal and healing water resources here have been visited for thousands of years by people from all over the world who are looking for health. Visiting hours of the ancient city in summer are between 06:00 and 23:00. During the winter months, it can be visited between 06:30 and 18:00. The most comfortable transportation here will be by your private car.

Ancient City of Laodikeia

The distance from the city center is 13 kilometers away. One of the top 7 churches of Christianity is located in this city. The largest stadium available in Anatolia in Anatolia, which has important archaeological artifacts and remains, 2 theaters, 4 baths, 5 agoras (large public area around public buildings), 5 nymphaeum (nymphs, sacred females who are constantly young and pleasant, monument stones erected in the name of blessing), 2 entrances There are many temples, peristilli houses, latrina (public toilet), churches and monumental avenues.

Pamukkale Travertines

And of course, Pamukkale Travertines, a must-have place of the city, is located approximately 17 kilometers from the district center. The thermal water coming out of the sources here, coupled with the air, causes the accumulation of calcium carbonate and therefore the appearance of travertines similar to cotton occurs. Pamukkale Travertines, which welcomes numerous tourists from all over the world throughout the year, are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Denizli Pamukkale Car Rental Options with RentiCar

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