Hakkari Çukurca Rent a Car

The east and southeast of Turkey attracts the interest of local and foreign tourists with its natural formations, ancient and historical structures. For this reason, those who want to see Hakkari and surrounding provinces can visit comfortably with the car to rent. RentiCar offers car rental services in Hakkari Çukurca car rental at suitable budgets.

Places to Visit in Hakkari Çukurca

Çukurca, one of the districts of Hakkari on the border with Iraq, is one of the important districts due to its location and adjacent to Şırnak. This is also the reason that it is 77 kilometers away from the center and is a large residential unit. With your car to rent in or around the pit, you can visit places in this region and explore uncharted beauties. In Cukurca, there are important architectures that must be seen, including madrasas, castles, stone houses. One of these architectures is Çukurca Castle, which takes its name from here.

The appearance of stone houses around it is one of the places to visit in the region with its historical value and scenery. Stone houses made of cut stone are one of the most pleasant places to visit in the region. Mehmet Turan Evi, which is located among the stone houses, is also in the same style, and a dibek carved into the rock is seen here. Another important structure located in Çukurca is Emir Shaban Madrasesi. The madrasa, which was built in the Ottoman Period in the 16th century and came up to the present day, is a complete reflection of history. The area where the madrasa is also preferred for camping. Another castle that attracts interest as Çukurca Castle is Kasrı Hevtgan Castle. You should add the castle that attracts attention with its appearance, also known as Mir House, to your list of visits.

Hakkari Çukurca Car Rental Options

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Hakkari Çukurca Car Rental Prices

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