Nicosia Ercan International Airport Rent a Car

As with all airports, RentiCar offers you the best quality and safe service for car rental at Nicosia Ercan International Airport.

Information about Nicosia Ercan International Airport

Nicosia Ercan International Airport is located in the center of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The capital of Cyprus is 23km from Nicosia, 25 km from Magosa, 51 km from Magosa and 62 km from Güzelyurt. The airport, named after the last name of Pilot Major Fehmi Ercan, who died in the Cyprus Peace Operation, was built in 1974. Almost every airport is accessible from Ercan Airport, which has a height of 122 meters and a length of about 2755 meters.

How to Get to Nicosia Ercan International Airport

There are many alternatives in terms of transportation to Ercan Airport. Easy access is provided by KIBHAS public transport buses, which leave almost every hour from many parts of the city. City buses pass through the routes Nicosia, Kyrenia, Magosa, as a regular daily trip. Taxis are also another transportation alternative. The most preferred and easiest transportation method of visitors is car rental. RentiCar car rental at Nicosia Ercan International Airport is always available for those who do not have special intermediaries.

Nicosia Ercan International Airport Car Rental Options with RentiCar

With the number of visitors to Cyprus increasing every month of the year, demand for car rental from Nicosia Ercan International Airport to the center of the city is also increasing. This situation causes a shortage in the car rental options that are needed. In order to completely avoid these troubles, RentiCar offers you the best options to rent a car with ease around the clock. For this purpose, you can rent your car in the way you want, along with the right car rental options available to you through our website.

Nicosia Ercan International Airport Car Rental Prices

With the increase in car prices, car rental prices are also increasing. This situation forces those who want to rent a car in need. In this regard, RentiCar offers you the most affordable prices, along with the best services and always cares about your satisfaction.

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