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Every year visitors come to Cyprus from many parts of Turkey and other countries. Pier is one of the most preferred destinations in Cyprus in terms of accommodation and visits in terms of location. For this reason, car rental needs are also increasing here. We provide you with the highest quality and affordable budget car rental services you need in Cyprus Iskele car rental.

Cyprus Pier Attractions

There are traces of ancient civilizations in every region of Cyprus where many wars have been waged in history. Renting a car for Cyprus Pier, which is an important place for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you can visit both here and the surrounding regions of Cyprus and plan a pleasant holiday route. Cyprus has also been home to important civilizations, as it is a place that has witnessed many events in history. It is possible to see traces of these civilizations in almost every point of Cyprus, especially with churches, monasteries, ancient cities and castles of different architecture and many places worth visiting. You can set your first stop in your travel planning for Cyprus Pier and its surroundings as Kantara Castle, which means “bridge” in Arabic. It is one of 3 castles located in the Besparmak Mountains. It is known that the fortress was built by the Byzantines. There are important churches on the Cyprus Pier. One of them is Agios Philon Church, the base of which consists of colored stone mosaics, and the other is Panaya Kanakaria Church with traces from the Byzantine Period. Aspostolos Andreas Monastery, which is also known as the Apostle Andreas, has undergone some changes in time but retains its importance today, is one of the places to be seen. Be sure to add Aphendrika, one of the 6 important cities of ancient Cyprus, to your list and visit the important churches around you while you arrive here.

Cyprus Iskele Car Rental Options

We offer you the best car rental options. Cyprus Iskele car rental options and the most suitable and high quality vehicles are at your disposal at any time you want.

Cyprus Iskele Car Rental Prices

Car rental service has been increasing rapidly lately. Conditions also vary depending on the increased service. Car rental prices are also affected by this situation. When determining car rental prices, it is taken into account that it suits you and meets your needs. As with all our services, you can have detailed information about Cyprus İskele car rental prices by contacting us.

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