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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean and has an important place in terms of tourism, welcomes numerous tourists every year. One of the most visited places in Cyprus in terms of tourism is Cyprus Bafra. For this reason, the demand for car rental in Cyprus Bafra is also increasing.

Cyprus Bafra Attractions

Bafra, a village in the Iskele district of Famagusta, Cyprus, is one of the first choices of those who want to spend a pleasant holiday with its unique beautiful places, scenery, sea, beaches, calm and peaceful atmosphere. Bafra got its name from Vokalida, which in ancient Greek means the daughter of a cattle shepherd. There are many important historical and cultural structures in Bafra, which many civilizations in history want to receive and waged wars for them. We have listed the most important of these structures for you. In the first place of the list are Kantara Castle and Othello Castle. In particular, Kantara Castle has an important place in its location and appearance. In Bafra, there are other architectures that draw attention to their texture and reflect the stories of ancient civilizations. Venice Palace, Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Saint Barnabas Monastery, Salamis Ancient City, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque are the first to visit within these structures. Bafra, one of the indispensable resorts of holidaymakers with its coast and sea, is very convenient for you to spend long and pleasant hours with the beauty of the sea and the calm of its beaches, to have a wonderful holiday experience. After visiting the historical sites of Bafra, you can relax the fatigue of the day here.

Cyprus Bafra Car Rental Options

We bring you the best service in car rental. As with the car rental options we provide from all provinces and airports of Turkey, we are always with you to provide you with the highest quality and reliable service with our Cyprus Bafra car rental options.

Cyprus Bafra Car Rental Prices

In terms of car rental, the model of the car to be rented, the characteristics of the vehicle and additional services, as well as the car rental prices are curious. Cyprus Bafra car rental prices vary depending on the date you are traveling and the model of the vehicle you choose. You can get the most up-to-date information about the best car rental prices by contacting us.

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