Cyprus Guzelyurt Rent a Car

Cyprus Güzelyurt, located in the northwest of the island of Cyprus, has a long list of places to visit, although it is not as famous as the cities of Nicosia and Kyrenia in Cyprus. For this reason, Cyprus Güzelyurt is a very preferred destination in terms of car rental. Located at this point, RentiCar offers you the opportunity to rent a car so that you can travel comfortably and comfortably in Cyprus.

Cyprus Güzelyurt Where to Visit?

Cyprus Güzelyurt, known as one of the oldest settlements in Cyprus, is a place in the list of places to visit with its cultural and historical features. Attractions are generally collected in and around the district center.

You can start with the Archaeology and Nature Museum as the first place to visit. This museum, which is the most known tourist attraction of Guzelyurt district, consists of 2 floors, exhibits both archaeological artifacts extracted from historical sites such as Soli Ancient City and Vuni Palace and stuffed forms of animals living in Cyprus. At the same time, columns and tombs are exhibited in the garden of the museum under the name of the Museum of Stone Works.

Another tourist attraction is the Church of Saint Mamas and the Icon Museum. Located right next to the Museum of Archaeology and Nature, the museum was built for St. Mamas, one of the important saints of the island of Cyprus, and its belongings are displayed in it. The church building, which has undergone many architectural restorations until today, was last renovated in 1725, and a dome was added during this restoration.

Apart from these places such as Tumba Tu Skuru, Atatürk Monument, Train Station are among the most visited destinations of Güzelyurt district of Cyprus.

What Are Cyprus Guzelyurt Car Rental Options?

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