Kocaeli Gebze Rent a Car

Gebze, one of the cornerstones of industry in Marmara Region, is one of the most important districts of Kocaeli. Car rental options in Gebze location, which are especially visited for commercial purposes, are usually in this direction. Thanks to the Kocaeli Gebze car rental options, you can easily make your visits and visit Gebze and surrounding areas.

Things to Do in Kocaeli Gebze

Gebze, one of the industrial and commercial centers of Turkey, has important historical sites, natural beauties and interesting architecture. There are many points that you should definitely visit during your visit to Gebze. The first of these is Ballıkayalar Nature Park located behind Gebze Industrial Zone, which brings you together with nature as soon as you go to Gebze. This is a place consisting of a natural creek that will take you away from the bustle of the city with its green, naturalness, fresh air and tranquilizing atmosphere. Veterans Mountain Natural Park is also one of the places in the middle of nature where you will find the same peace and have a pleasant time. Şehit Huseyinoğlu Coast Park is one of the most adorable places in the city with Hobbit Houses. Here you can ride a bike, hike through the Hobbit Houses, have a picnic, spend hours. Another place that will interest you with its nature and calm is Hünkar Meadow. This place, where the Conqueror Sultan Mehmet took a break during the trip to Italy and established his room, also carries important traces from history. Kocaeli Gebze's history does not just end here. Eskihisar Castle, built in the time of the Byzantine Empire and resembling the Byzantine Period with its architecture, is among the important buildings of Gebze. A few of the other must-see structures are Osman Hamdi Bey House and Museum, Shepherd Mustafa Pasha Kolliyesi.

Eskisar Coast, located just below Eskisar Castle, is one of the most popular locations preferred for enjoying the sea in Kocaeli Gebze. Guests can walk along the beach, enjoy fish restaurants, breakfast places and cafes.

Kocaeli Gebze Car Rental Options

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Kocaeli Gebze Car Rental Prices

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