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Mezitli district, which is connected to our city of Mersin, although it is a small region, is a residential place that occupies an important position in terms of tourism. Since Mersin is one of the four central districts of Mersin, Mersin Mezitli is a region where demands are high in terms of car rental.

Information About Mersin Mezitli

The history of Mezitli district dates back to Ancient Rome. Mezitli is home to numerous historical structures, including preservation areas of various sizes that still exist today. Among these structures are columnar structures from the period of Ancient Rome, which are of interest to visitors. Let's take a brief look at where you can visit on your Mersin Mezitli tour.

You can start your Mersin Mezitli trip with Soli Ancient City. Located in the center of Mezitli, Soli Ancient City is one of the oldest historical settlements in the region. In 700 B.C., the Greeks came to the district from Rhodes and established a colony in the area called Soli. Since the colony is on the coast of the sea, it has become a great city with thousands of people over time.

If we continue with natural beauties, we can talk about Hazelnut Plateau. Hazelnut Plateau, which is located on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains, is a place where you can intertwine with nature. At the same time, Fındikpınarı Castle, which is located at the entrance of Fındıkpınari Plateau, is among the places to visit in Mersin Mezitli.

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