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Mersin Pozcu

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Mersin Pozcu, which is connected to Yenişehir district of Mersin, is a very preferred area of the people of Mersin because of the coastline. For this reason, Mersin Pozcu is a very convenient area for car rental. Located at this point, RentiCar offers you the most convenient and comfortable car rental options for your budget so that you can freely explore the city of Mersin.

Where are Mersin Pozcu Attractions?

Mersin Pozcu is your first choice to visit Mersin Deniz Museum. Mersin Maritime Museum is the 4th maritime museum of Turkey when it was opened in 2011, while today it is one of the 6 maritime museums in our country. Mersin Maritime Museum is a place where you can learn a lot about maritime in general along with Turkish maritime history, we will be impressed even if you have no interest in maritime.

Another place to visit is the Mersin Archaeological Museum. Mersin Archaeological Museum, known to be one of the oldest museums in Turkey, has a structure that will impress those who see it with its interior as well as its external architecture. Mersin Archaeological Museum exhibits a wide range of artifacts, especially those extracted from Yumuktepe, Soli Pompeipolis and Elaiussa Sebaste Ancient City.

If you want to explore other historical and culturally important places of Mersin apart from these places, you can rent a car from RentiCar located in Mersin Pozcu and explore all over Mersin comfortably.

What Are Mersin Pozcu Car Rental Options?

With its car rental service, RentiCar is the most preferred car rental company, giving confidence to its customers and always keeping their satisfaction at the forefront. In RentiCar you will be able to find any kind of tool you are looking for. Visit Renticar.com and choose your desired date range. The vehicle you want will be waiting for you at your specified location within the desired date range. In addition, RentiCar continues to offer you installments for up to 12 months. Choose RentiCar for a comfortable and reliable trip.

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