Mersin Yenişehir Rent a Car

Even though it is the smallest of the four central district of Mersin, Yenişehir district has always been a worthy district of visitation by visitors. Therefore, Mersin Yenişehir is a very convenient area for car rental. Located at this point, RentiCar offers you the most convenient and comfortable car rental options for your budget so that you can freely explore the city of Mersin.

Where to Visit in Mersin Yenişehir?

Mersin Yenişehir, which has a small facial measurement, has places to see, although not as many other large counties.

The first of them is the Mugdat Mosque. This mosque, which carries a lot of historical traces of Mersin, is definitely a historical structure worth visiting. It is known that the Mugdat Mosque, which attracts a lot of attention visually, was built after the Republican Period. Also known as the second largest mosque, this mosque is about 5500 people.

Another place you will want to see is Atatürk Cultural Center located in Mersin Yenişehir. The cultural center, which is established on an area of 28000 square meters, has 22000 square meters of indoor area and 300 car parking. It also has 3 halls for art events. One of them has 1500 seats, the other two have 500 seats. Apart from these, there are also small halls with 25-150 seats, which are used for small meetings. Atatürk Cultural Center also hosts some performances of the International Mersin Music Festival.

What Are Mersin Yenişehir Car Rental Options?

Using Mersin Yenişehir car rental options is one of the most effective ways to explore this city. RentiCar car rental options include car rental rates and get the cheapest car rental experience within minutes. RentiCar is always there for you to experience your best experiences with a comfortable vehicle.

Mersin Frequantly Asked Questions About Car Rental