Mersin Tasucu Rent a Car

Located in Silifke district of Mersin Province in the Mediterranean region, Mersin Tasucu is located about 100 km from Mersin city center. This region, which is sunny for almost 300 days a year, is also a very developed seaside town in terms of tourism. Thousands of visitors come to this region every year, which fascinates with its historical beauties as well as natural beauties. Therefore, Mersin Tasucu is also a very demanded region in terms of car rental. RentiCar offers the best car rental options with a pickup/drop off point in this location.

Where are Mersin Taşucu Places to Visit?

There are many destinations to visit and see in Mersin Tasucus with its natural beauties, regions reflecting history and pearl beaches.

If we start with natural beauties, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely Bogsak Bay and Bogsak Island. Located 10 km from the center of Tasucu, this bay is a region where visitors who want to enjoy the sea must visit. If you want to Bogsak Bay, which fascinates with its immaculate air, pearl-like beach and spectacular nature away from concreting, you can come day by day and spend your night in tents or bungalows located there. There are also restaurants where you can eat delicious dishes against the sea in this bay with spectacular views. On Bogsak Island, which is located directly opposite Bogsak Bay and serves as a submersible to the bay, you can see historical remains from Byzantine and Roman times.

Another bay we should mention is Açakıl Bay. Located 3 km away from Tasucu-Anamur road, this cove can be easily reached by rented car through RentiCar. This sheep beach, which fascinates people with its natural beauty, is covered with fine pebbles. For this reason, visitors who come here usually prefer to wear sea shoes. As in Bogsak Bay, you can take a day stroll here, if you want to spend the night in tents or bungalows that you can rent.

Mersin Tasucus, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, has many destinations that will attract the interest of history lovers as well as natural beauties. Uzunjaburc is one of these historical regions. Known from ancient times, this majestic place, which gives visitors a journey through history, bears traces of many civilizations. Uzunjaburç is one of the most influential ancient cities where you can see historical monuments. Some of the structures that can be seen in Uzunjaburc, which has a very interesting historical and architectural structure; temples are ceremonial gates, streets, entrance gates, theatres and memorial tombs. This wonderful open-air museum will give its visitors ideas about the period and marvel at the wonderful harmony of the spirit of historical structures and the beauty of nature.

Apart from these areas, Narlikuyu, Göksu Delta, Tasucu Amphora Museum, Silifke Castle, Taşkörpü are places where those who come to Taşucus will definitely want to see.

What Are Mersin Tasucu RentiCar Rental Options?

Using Mersin Tasucu car rental options is one of the most effective ways to explore this city. At RentiCar car rental options, you can see car rental rates and get the cheapest car rental experience in minutes. RentiCar is always with you to enjoy your best experiences with a comfortable vehicle.

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