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Nevsehir Urgup Rent a Car

Nevsehir Urgup Rent a Car

Nevsehir Urgup Rent a Car

Nevsehir is located in Central Anatolia Region. It has 8 counties including Acıgöl, Avanos, Derinkuyu, Gulsehir, Hacıbektaş, Kozaklı, Urgup, and the center of the city. Urgup is a district 20 km east of Nevsehir province and is one of the important centers of the Cappadocia region. It is one of the important tourist centers for our country. Car rental in Nevsehir Urgup will be the most correct decision for visitors. Since Nevsehir is not a place to go and see in a short time, you will need time. Visit RentiCar for a comfortable trip and enjoy your best experiences with the assurance of RentiCar.

Places to Visit in Nevşehir Urgup

Located 20 km from the center of Nevsehir, Urgup is the largest settlement of Cappadocia, and it is also of great importance because it was a religious center in the Byzantine period.

Urgup is among the first stops of Cappadocia trips. The fact that those who go to Urgup do not see a fairy chimney in the center stuns them at the first stage, but then they see the Three Beauties in front of them. The enormous natural wonders that he photographs in front of 2 million people every year... Nevsehir Urgup, which fascinates the outgoing, is a region that you can not see quickly and makes you curious at any time. In dozens of architectural monuments on the route of places to visit in Urgup, you will see traces from the Byzantine, Rome, then Seljuk, and Ottoman eras. Walking the streets of Urgup to see the workmanship of stone houses makes you feel like a dream. In addition, Urgup Kadikalesi and Kızılçukur Valley as well as tuffs are among the places worth visiting in Urgup. And, of course, one should not overlook that Urgup is the most lively and most populous district in terms of nightlife. Restaurants, wine houses, and rock-carved bars, where begging tastes can be found, offer times to add pleasure to the visitors. In addition to these, it is a must-go-to the valleys, villages, and towns, which are worth visiting. For example, Mustafapaşa, Ortahisar, and Damsa are regions that offer both historical and natural beauties. And of the must-haves, the Kizilchukur Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys where the sun sets. Consisting of very rare “red tuff rocks”, this valley is completely reddened during the sun's setting hours.

Finally, the famous Balloon Tour: In the Urgup balloon tours, the wind determines the route in general. According to the wind, it can air up to 1500 meters. It takes an average of 45 — 65 minutes, and the remuneration is made in euros.

Nevsehir Urgup Car Rental Options

Urgup, 20 km away from the center of Nevsehir, suffers an influx of tourists from all over the world every year. You can enjoy the city without sacrificing your comfort by renting a car from Nevsehir Urgup. To rent a reliable and hygienic car from Urgup, visit renticar.com.

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Nevşehir Frequantly Asked Questions About Car Rental

How to rent a car in Nevsehir Urgup?

You can easily make your car rental transactions in Nevsehir Urgup and enjoy your journey by choosing the appropriate date zone and characteristics for you through our page about Nevşehir Urgup.

What is the price of a car rental in Nevşehir Urgup?

Car rental prices in Nevsehir Urgup vary depending on many factors such as the model of your chosen vehicle, fuel type and age. You can select any filters on our page and access the list of tools that suit you.