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Muğla Menteşe Rent a Car

Hinge, which is the central district of our Mugla province, located in the southwest of our country, has always been an important place in terms of tourism in Turkey with its historical significance and natural beauty. For these reasons, Mugla Menteşe is a very demanding region in terms of car rental. You can rent the most suitable car for your budget from Renticar's website, pick up your car from Muğla Menteşe and enjoy your trip!

Where to Visit Muğla Menteşe?

Mugla Menteşe, whose history dates back to 3,000 BC, is a region of high historical importance. Apart from its historical texture, it has always been an important location in terms of tourism with its natural beauty and close proximity to tourist places such as Denizli, Bodrum, Marmaris, Gokova. For these reasons, Muğla Menteşe, which includes plenty of sightseeing and sightseeing, welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

As soon as you arrive at Hinge, you will be greeted by the old streets of Mugla. You will get to know the culture of Muğla in these streets that fascinate with its nostalgic atmosphere and glamorous architecture. The old Mugla streets, which also hosted important films such as “Ice mam Gaymak” and “Iftarlık Gazoz”, have views of the Masa Mountain that appears from many areas of Mugla as they go uphill. We recommend that you take your hat and sunglasses with you when traveling to this point where the temperature rises above 40 degrees in summer.

Arasta Bazaar, located right next to Mugla Governorate, is another place you must see with its shops reflecting historical textures. On its narrow streets you can come across a variety of shops such as coppersmen, hardware stores, tailors, cologne shops, eateries and many more. If you are hungry, you can take a break from the famous Victory's Place meatballs and enjoy delicious dumplings in this bazaar.

Yağcılar Khan, one of the symbols of Hinge, is also another destination that travelers to Muğla Mentese do not go without seeing. Yağcılar Khan, famous for its local woven products and carpets, was built to reflect Ottoman architecture.

What Are Muğla Menteşe Car Rental Options?

Recently, car rental demands for convenience in touristic area trips have increased and RentiCar, where you can rent a car that fits your budget around the clock, pays great importance to customer satisfaction. After entering the location and date information through the website, you can immediately rent the car that suits your budget and you need.

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