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Located in Mugla province, Ortaca is one of the popular resorts of Mugla City. With its natural beauty, historical structures, and unique location, it welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Located about 80 km from the city center of Mugla, Mugla Ortaca is a very preferred location for car rental. Located in this location, RentiCar offers the best car rental deals for you to enjoy all over Muğla Ortaca.

Where are Muğla Ortaca Attractions? 

Muğla Ortaca is a destination with a lot of options in terms of places to visit. On your trip, there are many spots where you can explore the natural beauties and historical structures of the region. One of them is the Ancient City of Kaunos. It is located about 95 kilometers from the district center. Located west of Ortaca district borders, the city is one of the structures that clarifies the history of the region. The city built by Kaunos was used as a port city during the period of its construction. Over time, there was an expansion of the delta, and a great distance was formed between the sea and the sea. Today, rock tombs are one of the most remarkable structures in the region.

Another place to visit is Kaunos King's Tombs. The cemetery located within the borders of Dalyan district is approximately 55 km away from the district center. The tombs, built by the Kaunos in 400 BC, are located at a fairly high position from the sea. The tombs you will see in Kaunos King Tombs are built rectangular and there are many niches around it.

Radar Hill, Sulungur Lake, Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, and Akyaka are among other places to see and visit in Ortaca Muğla.

What Are RentiCar Muğla Ortaca Car Rental Options? 

Visitors who come to Muğla Ortaca for business or leisure purposes will be the most correct choice to choose car rental so that they can have a safe journey process in the city. Save time and start your journey with peace of mind with RentiCar. Select your desired vehicle specifications by determining the date and location at www.renticar.com, and complete your booking in a few steps. Don't forget to browse campaigns.

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