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Bursa is one of the provinces of Turkey that welcomes the most visitors with its history, architecture, mosques, churches, natural beauties and entertainment centers. There are many beautiful places to see in each district of Bursa. One of the most known among these counties is Nilüfer. With our Bursa Nilüfer Car Rental service, you can easily visit the most beautiful places of this district.

Where are the Places to Visit in Bursa Nilüfer?

Nilüfer district is named after Nilüfer Hatun, wife of Ottoman Sultan Orhan Gazi.

One of the first places visited by those who came to Nilüfer district is Golyazı, a peninsula located in the middle of Lake Ulubat. With its shadow image, it is almost like a small corner from heaven. When you go for a stroll with sandals located right on the edge of Gölyazı, if you coincide with the hours opened by the lotubes, you will see the fascinating image of it. Here is one of the most beautiful sunset views where you will see Gölyazı and Lake Ulubat from above. At the time of the Lily Hill, the Greeks planted lilies at the head of every tombstone. You can also see the remains of the amphitheater of the period on Lily Hill, which received its name from here.

Ulu Çınar, located in Golyaz, is one of the most remarkable natural beauties of this place. This huge tree called the Weeping Syringe looks as if it were a postcard. To be seen here is the Church of Saint Panteleimon, which carries Greek Orthodox traces from the architectural point of view. Ayvaini Cave, which is the 6th longest known cave in Turkey, is one of the most important places in the Nilüfer that receives the most visitors. This cave, which is in Ayva Village, has two different entrances and the Karadounan Creek passes through it. One of the most important locations in the list of places to visit is the Aktopraklik Mound Archaeopark and Open Air Museum, the largest prehistoric park in Europe. You can easily reach this area with your rented car through RentiCar. You can go to Dagyenice Pond and spend a pleasant time with nature with your rented car. This is a place that gives peace with its views between Dagyenice Village and Masi Village.
Agora Bazaar is the first preferred place when it comes to shopping in Nilüfer district. This bazaar, which has 180 different shops serving in it, is located in the city square.

What Are Bursa Nilüfer Car Rental Options?

Renting a car in Bursa Nilüfer you can visit both here and many places of Bursa. For this, all you need to do is log in to our website and select the date range you want to rent and follow the rental steps.

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