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Bursa is located in the southern part of the Marmara Region. Çekirge is a district in the District of Osmangazi, Bursa Province, Turkey. Although it is one of the oldest districts of Bursa, it is told that it received its name from a person named Çekirge Khan who lived in the Ottoman period. In addition, this name was given to this region as a result of a grasshopper invasion in that region during the Ottoman period. RentiCar Bursa Çekirge car rental with your car rental car, you can have pleasant moments.

Places to Visit in Bursa Çekirge

You can enjoy the rich history, nature and charming villages of the region with RentiCar Bursa Çekirge car rental.

During your visit to Bursa Çekirge, you can visit inns, hot springs, ski resorts, aqueducts, waterfalls, museums, historical mosques, Kültürpark Open Air Theatre, urban forests and caves, take great photos.

One of the first Ottoman madrasa, Yil Madrasah is also known as the Sultaniye Madrasah. It was built by architect Haci Ivaz by the order of Mehmed I (Çelebi) between 1414 and 1424. During your trip, do not pass by exploring Karagöz Museum, which is 950 m away from Çekirge district.

Distance distance from Bursa Çekirge to beaches; Burgas Altincum Halk Beach is 24 km, Kumkaya Halk Beach 32 km, Egerce Beach 49 km, Big Kumla Beach 50 km, Kursunlu Women Beach 29 km. You can provide transportation anywhere with your car that suits you best to rent.

İskender kebab and İnegöl meatballs are in the first place in the tastes recommended when it comes to Bursa Çekirge. Muradiye soup, pideli dumplings, Bursa kebab, cantik, meat celery, Kemalpaşa dessert, chestnut sugar, wedding halva and milk halva are also welcome options during your visit.

Bursa Çekirge Car Rental Options

You can benefit from Bursa Çekirge car rental services with RentiCar assurance, which always attaches importance to customer satisfaction. You can rent the vehicle you want through our website and at the same time go on a perfect journey with the dates you have set and have pleasant times.

Bursa Çekirge Car Rental Prices

RentiCar Bursa Çekirge car rental prices may vary depending on the conditions throughout Turkey. We always think about your satisfaction in this regard and provide you with quality car rental service at affordable prices.

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