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Osmangazi district of Bursa is known as one of the oldest settlements of our country with its history dating back to 4000 BC. Bursa Osmangazi, an important trading place in the past, is one of the districts that has become a metropolitan district and has been able to carry its culture and history from past to present. Bursa Osmangazi, which includes many places to visit for these reasons, is a region where there is a high need in terms of car rental. With RentiCar Bursa Osmangazi car rental, you can rent the car you need and set out to explore Osmangazi, an important district of Bursa. Renting a car not only facilitates transportation in Bursa, but also provides a fast and comfortable travel opportunity to the surrounding provinces of Bursa.

Information about Bursa Osmangazi

Osmangazi district, located on the outskirts of the famous Uludağ, is one of the largest districts of Bursa. Osmangazi, which is also the 3rd most populous district in Turkey, is located in the central locations of Bursa, one of the most developed cities in Turkey in economic terms. It is among the destinations that attract tourists all year round with its historical buildings and natural beauties it hosts.

Let's briefly take a look at what these places are:

Bursa Castle, Bursa Fortress, Çakır Aga Bath, Osmangazi and Orhangazi Tombs, Şehzade Mustafa Tomb, Bedesten, Ataturk Museum, Archaeological Museum, Abdal Bridge and more.

The most popular of them and the first of the most visited places is undoubtedly Osmangazi Tomb. The Osmangazi Tomb, which was built on an octagonal plan, has a small altar and a dome that draws attention on it. It is also known as the place where Osman Gazi, who we know as the founder of the Ottoman Empire who lived between 1258 and 1324, wanted to be buried.

Another important place is Abdal Bridge, which stands out for preserving its original structure, Abdal Bridge is located on the Nilüfer River. Built from cutting stones, the structure is about 5 meters wide.

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