Alanya Car Rental & Rent a Car in Alanya

Alanya is a tourist district in the province of Antalya, which is located in the Mediterranean Region. Thanks to its diversity of natural beauty, the resort city of Alanya, which is highly preferred by local and foreign tourists, has a large share of nine percent in terms of tourism. The large tourist potential also increases the demand for Alanya car rental service. Antalya car rental or Antalya Airport car rental service is also preferred by regional tourists because it depends on the province of Antalya.

Alanya, which was home to pirates in ancient times, Overlords in Byzantine period and became the capital during the Anatolian Seljuks period, combines cultural diversity with natural beauties, a visual feast arises for tourists. The economy of the city, based entirely on agriculture and tourism, has enabled the rapid development of the service sector. The development of the service sector also created tourist potential and increased demand for rent a car in Alanya.

Renting a car in Alanya provides great convenience for tourists to visit the city. Getting lost on an unfamiliar route may not be a highly desirable situation for most tourists. The distances in between can feel intimidating when touring the beauties of the city. With the car rental service, you can visit and see spots in Alanya comfortably, without worrying about the distance between them. You can explore various natural beauties of Alanya in a more comfortable way by renting a car in Alanya.

Reliable Alanya Car Rental with RentiCar

Car rental sector is a growing and developing sector every day, increasing demand for car rental has allowed Alanya rent a car companies to multiply. However, the variety of Alanya car rental companies that customers may want to choose can sometimes have a trust problem.

Tourists who come to spend a pleasant time will want to get quality and reliable service when renting a car in Alanya. RentiCar provides a customer-oriented and reliable service when renting a car in Alanya thanks to its contracted companies located in a very large part of Turkey. Rent a car companies in the range of business partners of RentiCar work to provide their customers with a pleasant service from this experience.

You can send your questions and requests about rent a car in Alanya or call RentiCar's Contact Center to get the price information of the cars you intend to rent. Customer oriented forward Contact Center, where customers can contact, is one of RentiCar's services that instills confidence to anyone who thinks about renting a car but has hesitation. The fact that RentiCar has thousands of different vehicle options allows it to appeal to customers with different taste desires. No matter what brand you want to rent your car from; Whatever the reason for your arrival in Alanya, you can find the vehicle suitable for your budget and tastes in RentiCar.

Places to Visit and See in Alanya

Having an important place in the field of tourism, Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. It has inspired the motto “sun smiles” due to the fact that it welcomes the sun for four seasons.

With its different beauties that will appeal to all tastes, it offers tourists many different alternative possibilities that they can go to. The variety, combined with the sun, also makes tourists laugh on the face.

  • Manavgat Waterfall

The waterfall, which is located on the Manavgat river, creates a visual feast by pouring the water falling from the river from the trailers.

Manavgat Waterfall is 60 km away from the center of Alanya and you can reach Alanya car rental.

  • Ancient City of Side

Side Ancient City, home to many civilizations from Lydians to Byzantines, can be a good choice for guests who want to take a cultural trip in Alanya. There are historic houses, hammam and Temple of Apollo in this area, which is not charged for entrance.

Side Ancient City, which is 65 kilometers away from the district center, can be reached by car for rent in Alanya.

  • Alanya Castle

The surroundings of Alanya Castle are surrounded by 6-kilometer walls. The fortifications built in 1221 in order to protect against the dangers from the city during the reign of Alaaddin Keykubat I, add a magnificent image to the castle.

There is also a cistern inside the area so that there is no problem with water needs. Alanya Castle is a 5-10 minute walk from the district center.

  • Dim Cave

One of the most preferred places from the tourist point of view is Dim Cave. Its height above sea level is about 13 kilometers and has 4 galleries in it.

It is one of the most preferred tourist areas of Alanya. Alanya rent a car is a frequently preferred option when going to Dim Cave area due to the distance of the district center is 13 kilometers.

  • Kizilkule

You can visit Kizilkule, one of the symbolic structures of Alanya, in the district center. Built by Alaaddin Keykubat I, the Tower is cited as one of the finest examples of 13th-century buildings.

It can be a good alternative for guests who are in search of historical beauty.

  • Cleopatra Beach

It takes its name from Roman general Antony's grant of Alanya to Cleopatra and Cleopatra entered the sea in that vicinity. The beach, which is the subject of legends, also has the status of a blue flag beach.

The entrance to the beach is free and it is one of the most preferred beaches by tourists.

How to Rent a Car in Alanya?

Before renting a car in Alanya, you can do a research to find a vehicle according to your needs. Using the filtering option on RentiCar's website will allow you to do your research faster and according to your preference.

Once you have decided on the date and time you want to rent, you can create your reservation in a few steps by entering the information on Renticar's website.

With the filtering option, you can filter the model, brand, gear type, fuel type, deposit amount and many other features of the vehicle you want by filtering the vehicle you want.

If you do not want to make your reservation via the internet, RentiCar's Contact Center will help you. You can also create your reservation by calling the Contact Center. Leases of less than 30 days include daily rentals and monthly rentals of 30 days or more.

Once the car you want to rent is selected, the driver information is obtained and proceed to the payment step. After confirmation of the car rental fee, the fee collection is carried out.

After you have made your reservation, the Booking Information Form will be sent to you, and you must take this document with you at the vehicle pickup stage.

Why is it advantageous to rent a car in Alanya with RentiCar?

  • Digital Access

When renting a car in Alanya, you can also be exposed to crowds at most rental points. The intense interest shown to Alanya rent a car companies can create long queues. RentiCar, on the other hand, allows you to rent a car digitally wherever you are, without the need for long queues.

  • Time Saving

With RentiCar's contracted companies located throughout Turkey, your car delivery time will be shortened. With the car pickup processes that RentiCar minimized, you save time in your Alanya car rental transactions. You spend this time you earn on your vacation.

  • Reliable Car Rental Experience

A reliable Alanya rent a car company is important to ensure that you do not get bored with surprise pricing that may come up later. RentiCar's transparent policy provides its customers with this guarantee after leasing. When you rent a car with RentiCar, the price you pay is clear from the beginning, after which there will be no hidden charges and surcharges. Thus, your Alanya car rental experience will gladly end.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Alanya

Your Alanya rental car transaction is completed after receiving your vehicle. At this stage of your car rental Alanya transaction, the driver must necessarily have his personal ID, driver's license, credit card and booking document. In the process of picking up the vehicle, the deposit amount is withdrawn from the driver's own credit card.

One of the general rules of car rental in Alanya is that the driver is at least 21 years old and has a minimum 1-year group B driver's license. These rules may vary from firm to firm.

At the end of your rental vehicle process in Alanya, when you go to deliver the vehicle, you must have the vehicle delivery form, license, key and all the documents and items needed when picking up the vehicle. After the necessary controls are provided next to the vehicle with the relevant company authority, the Vehicle Return Form is filled out.

There are several aspects to consider before taking advantage of the car rental Alanya service:

Insurance: Be sure to read the terms of the lease carefully and understand the insurance coverage included, as well as additional services that can be purchased.

Pick up and deliver: Make sure you have a good understanding of the location of the rental office and the places where you will pick up and deliver the vehicle.

Additional fees: Make sure that any additional services you want to receive will go into the surcharge. Additional services such as additional driver service, child seat selection will not be included in the cost of car rental.

Age requirement: Please note that a car is not rented to drivers under the age of 21. That's why it's important to verify that you meet the requirements before booking a car.

Driving License: Make sure you have a valid driving license and that it is accepted by the rental company. RentiCar requires a driver's license for at least 1 year to rent a car.

Leasing Terms: Read the terms of the lease carefully and make sure you understand the terms and conditions before signing.

Remember Your Documents: You have booked and meet the conditions, make sure that you have fully brought the documents requested from you during the rental car pickup phase, which is the next step.

Credit Card: When picking up the vehicle, the driver's credit card and the deposit amount will be withdrawn. The card from which this amount will be withdrawn must necessarily belong to the driver.

It should be noted that the items that you should pay attention to before using the car rental Alanya service vary from company to company.

Alanya Car Rental Prices

Alanya car rental prices vary according to customers' car preference. Since each firm has its own pricing scale, it cannot be evaluated at a fixed rate. In addition to the features of your preferred vehicle, additional services such as navigation and additional driver that you want in your rental process also affect Alanya car rental prices.

The time you rent coincides with peak times, such as weekend or public holidays, also causes price differences. In addition, situations such as the supply status or rarity of the car you want to rent are reflected in the prices. Taking into account all factors, you can rent the vehicle that suits your needs and budget.

With the campaigns offered by RentiCar and installment facilities up to 12 months, you will have no difficulty in renting a car in Alanya. Due to the possibility of installments, the payment plan will be good for your budget, as there will be no payment of the installed amount at once. You can also make your car rental more convenient with promo codes on RentiCar's own website.

RentiCar supports your holiday enjoyment with its solutions and privileges that suit everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Antalya Alanya Car Rental