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Side is one of the largest districts in Antalya. Located in the Mediterranean region, the district is one of the bustling tourist destinations and is home to numerous hotels and tourist facilities. When this is the case, Antalya Side car rental needs also increase.

Places to Visit in Antalya Side

Antalya Side is the destination of thousands of local and foreign tourists. Side offers many possibilities to its visitors with its natural beauties, historical structures and beautiful beaches. Before determining your route, you can rent your car through the Antalya Side car rental page on RentiCar website and then get on the road with pleasure.

Visit Manavgat Waterfall near Antalya Side and then explore Side Ancient City. Trembling Lake, which contains many birds and sea creatures, is a frequented place of people in the region in the morning and evening hours.

Side Museum, Temple of Apollo, Special Tradition Museum, Oymapınar Aqueduct, Perge Ancient City, Selge Ancient City, Aspendos Bridge, Köprülü Canyon National Park are among other tourist areas to see. The Gutter Bridge, built on the Köprücay River, is one of the most important works from Roman times.

Made entirely of wood and stone with local materials, Akseki-Ibradi Button Houses are of interest for visitors to the region. The daytime mobility of the Side continues at night. At night, you can visit entertainment venues and cafes and have a pleasant time.

If we come to their beaches, the shallow nature of the seas and fine sand is unique for those who come on holiday. The clarity of the sea also attracts attention. Cleopatra Beach, Big Beach, Side Halk Beach, Kumkoy Beach, Sorgun Halk Beach are among the beaches known and visited by the people of the region and tourists.

Coming to Antalya Side, one should not forget about local food. Orange cookies, pumpkin twist fritters, sour tarhana with wild plum, waterfall soup, local locust molasses are among the must-try flavors.

If you wish, you can buy city-specific magnets, olive oil soaps and custom designed jewellery for your loved ones.

Antalya Side Car Rental Options

For us, your satisfaction is paramount. With RentiCar Antalya Side car rental, we provide quality service for you to rent a car for your needs. What you need to do is rent your car through our website by selecting the options that are right for you.

Antalya Side Car Rental Prices

RentiCar Antalya Side car rental prices may vary depending on conditions throughout Turkey. We always think about your satisfaction in this regard and provide you with quality car rental service at affordable prices.

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