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Antalya Kalkan is located in the Mediterranean Region. It is highly in demand by domestic and foreign tourists. With RentiCar Antalya Kalkan car rental, you can rent your car and enjoy your journey.

Places to Visit in Antalya Kalkan

Kalkan, a lovely holiday town in Kas district of Antalya, is the region itself, which Heredot refers to as “the closest place to the stars in the world”. Kalkan, which is one of the places in great demand of British tourists especially in our country, is a very developed region, besides being small and cute. You can rent your car and spend pleasant moments with RentiCar Antalya Kalkan Car Rental before visiting Kas, where there are many natural and historical beauties around it.

In Kas, the beautiful district of Antalya, which shakes many civilizations in its cradle, you will get full of the atmosphere of the ancient city.

The Ancient City of Phellos, 32 kilometers from Kalkan, is among the must-see attractions with its valuable ruins and unique structure. Within the breathtaking Aperlai Ancient City, there is the Satchak Peninsula, which gives exquisite images. Saklı Kent Canyon, which is a favorite of foreign tourists, is 40 km from Antalya Kalkan. Myra Ancient City, which is 75 km away, is among the places where visitors do not pass by.

If we refer to the magnificent beyond beaches of Kalkan; Kalkan Halk Beach, Patara beach, Kalamar Beach, Kaputas Beach, Gerenlik Beach, Açagerme Beach, Small Pebble Beach are special places where you want to leave yourself in turquoise clear waters.

While arriving in Kalkan, you should not go without looking at the tastes of delicacies such as eggplant jam, skewer dumplings, tahinli piyaz, tahinli pumpkin dessert, burn ice cream, hibes, pan ice cream.

Domestic and foreign tourists can have pleasant moments without interrupting speed with many fun venues that they will want to visit.

Antalya Kalkan Car Rental Options

For us, your satisfaction is paramount. With RentiCar Antalya Kalkan car rental, we provide quality service for you to rent a car for your needs. What you need to do is to rent your vehicle and pick up your vehicle by selecting the options that suit you through our website.

Antalya Kalkan Car Rental Price

RentiCar Antalya Kalkan car rental prices may vary depending on the conditions throughout Turkey. We always think about your satisfaction in this regard and provide you with quality car rental service at affordable prices.

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