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It is always possible to live a quiet life in Antalya, whether you want to live a vibrant life, you can visit both here and surrounding places comfortably by choosing Antalya Kemer car rental service.

Places to Visit in Antalya Kemer

Antalya is one of our provinces, which is the focus of attention of summer and winter tourism. Numerous tourists come here, especially in the summer. While it was a small village in its time, Kemer, which is one of the most popular places in Antalya and the focus of tourism, there are many places to visit and activities to do.

One of the most popular places in Kemer is Kemer Beach. Moonlight Beach, Kiris Beach, Çamyuva Beach, Famous Beach, Salsa Beach, Türkiz Family Sand Beach, Phaselis Beach, Astoria Hotel Beach, Goynuk Halk Beach, Beldibi Halk Beach, Beldibi Halk Beach, Beldibi Halk Beach are among the preferred places for holidaymakers. Molla Hole Cave is one of the places that attracts attention with its unique appearance and natural formation located above the sea.

Kemer's history, culture and architectural structures are one of the places that draw attention to Hirtlanini Cave, Idyros Ancient City, Goynuk Canyon, Seljuk Hunting Mansion and Phaselis Ancient City.

One of the important known places of the region is Tahtalı Mountain. Mount Tahtalı is located in Beydagları National Park and is also known as Mount Olympos. Beydagları National Park is one of the most visitors, but also hosts important places such as Olympos Ancient City, Cirali Coast, Adrasan Beach enchanting with its blue, world-famous Ancient Lycian Road. Here you can visit these places as you wish, hike, picnic, enjoy pleasant times with nature as you wish.

Antalya Kemer Car Rental Options

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Antalya Kemer Car Rental Prices

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